In the thermos:

It is snowing here today. Yes, folks. S-N-O-W-I-N-G. And it is “really comin‘ down” as my husband likes to say every time he looks out the window. Fortunately the ground is warm enough that I don’t really think much of it is going to stick. It’s just barely cold enough to snow which in our world, really isn’t all that cold. I just hope all of my purdy flowers survive. I think they probably should.

I never knew how temperate California was until I moved to this fairly volatile climate. Thankfully it’s volatile enough that I’m pretty confident that I will be able to blog later on this week about my boys running through the sprinklers and eating Popsicles on the deck.

Bag of Chips:

I actually won a bloggy giveaway! Design Mom was giving away 10 gift subscriptions to Organize Magazine. God knew I needed this subscription. For being a busy homeschooling Mom of four boys I think I actually do a pretty decent job most the time of keeping things fairly organized though you should see my room. It is always quite depressing how quickly little boys can make a mess of something that was moments earlier spic ‘n’ span clean.


Two things that I like to give to people for wedding showers and baby showers are blank books. Aren’t I nice? Who wouldn’t want a blank book as a gift on such occasions?

Here is why I like to give these with wedding shower gifts:

Years ago my husband and I decided that buying several reams worth of Hallmark cards over the years was probably, ultimately, a waste 0f money. The cards are rather impersonal as they are the feelings of a person somewhere out there, who for all we know, at the age of 46 lives with his parents and 17 cats. Not only that but they are not likely to outlast the year unless you happen to be a card stashing pack rat like yours truly. Still, even being the cards, letters and pretty much anything in writing pack rats that we are, my husband and I decided to forgo greeting cards for all events — birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, Mother’s days…and opted rather for special books in which to write letters to each other. We sometimes write silly or “for your eyes only” stuff. We have written poems, letters thoughts, apologies after arguments, drawn goofy pictures, etc…commemorate various events this way all of these things are bound up in a single book; easy find and fun to sit and page through every now and again.

When I do this I watch the progression of our relationship from being newlyweds, just before having kids, just after having our first baby… and so on. There is documentation there of our struggles and our devotion to one another through the best of times and through the most trying of storms. Just thumbing through it serves to strengthen our love and resolve to be permanently devoted to each other as in one book we can see that the ups and downs and the struggles and joys are more than just solitary events in and of themselves, they are part of our story and they build us into the couple that we are always becoming. It’s a sweet picture of our lives together.

Not only that but it saves money on cards. Saves trees. Saves face if you are the type to forget about a card until the day of… no problem! You can simply just pull out the book and write! This might be hard for those people of few words but even short little notes in a book like this would say more to me than a couple hundred Hallmark cards that ultimately will more than likely end up in the landfill.

Here is why I like to give blank books with baby shower gifts:

After finding how much we enjoyed thumbing through our special books for each other, I decided to get a blank book for recording the funny things that my children say. Some pages are just devoted to the vocabulary list of my early talkers. The rest of the pages are devoted to the hysterical or shocking or truly thought provoking things that come out of the mouths of my children. Also recorded are some of the more special or serious conversations that I have had with some of my children.

I write them in such a way that the children will be able to know what our reactions were to them when they said certain things. So it is not merely a collection of their words but of their parents’ feelings about what they said.

This book has already proven to be something that my oldest, my only reader, enjoys looking through.

One time when he was about 4 he said something very funny that had me bellowing with laughter. He immediately went and got me the book and told me I’d better write it down.


We sometimes have strange conversations on the way to church. I don’t know why but our children seem unstoppably funny on the way to church. I’m sure it’s not a good thing. We try to have them all settled down a couple of blocks before getting there but when they get on a roll it is really hard to quell the tide.

Yesterday my oldest son looked out the window and saw a black bird but he did not know what type it was. He asked, “Mom, is there such a thing as a black dove?”

I replied, “No.” And then under my breath, “but I can easily see it being the name of a satanic heavy metal band.”

My husband busted out laughing. And then, the good pastor, as he went driving towards church proceeded to impersonate the lead singer of said heavy metal band, speaking in his gnarliest, angriest Cockney voice, “‘Ello Brooklyn, we’re Black Dove! We’re going to tear this place apaht!”

We have a little past time, my husband and I, of making up bizarre band names and then imagining what their stage presence would be like… Yes. I know we’re weird. But so are you. (Aren’t you?)

And then, completely unattached to any bizarre conversation that was already going on in that nutty car, my five year old suddenly announced, “I think I saw the statue of litterbee.” I must say, I’ve always loved how he mixe
s up his words. He used to say “oh-bries” instead of “eyebrows.” And “Wow! Mingus!” instead of “Humongous!”

That’s it for today’s lunch box. I hope you enjoyed it!

10 thoughts on “Today's Lunchbox full of random surprises

  1. I’m with you on the card thing. I often find a small item to put on the outside of a wrapped gift with the bow, instead of buying a card to go with it.When we moved to SE AL, I noticed that at children’s BD parties, there were no cards with the gifts. Instead a “calling card” of sorts with the giver’s name is attached to the outside of the gift. Of course, these can be purchased in all manner of cute varieties in boutique stores. However, I have fun making them on the computer. They are, if I may say so myself, just as cute.

  2. Hi Nan,Well, it’s raining here in California today, if that makes you feel any better.I’ve tagged you for a meme at my blog 🙂

  3. I used to write in my “blank” notebook every night before bed – that was until I started blogging…that seems to have replaced my journal writing. I need to start writing again. Shame on me.(I think that is an awesome idea for gifts!!!)

  4. I love your blank book gift giving idea. I think I will do the same thing. Thanks for a great idea! Great Lunchbox today!Congrats on your win! Here’s to organizing. 🙂

  5. it was cold here, too. Snow predicted in the local mountains.. I don’t know if it happened.I wish I’d written all things down that our kids said.

  6. You have been tagged for the meme “8 Things About Me”. You can go to my blog to read my list and the meme rules.Blessings!Me

  7. I think we’re coming out of it, it’s mid-afternoon and the last of the snow is dissapearing. The buds on my tree (yes, we have ONE tree) seem unharmed. My psyche, well, the jury is still out on that. White is my least favorite color as well, white, gray, brown, blah-ness. My eyes are starved for color. Until recently the interior walls of our house were also white: white doors, white trim, white cabinets, pale gray flooring. I’m surprised I made it through FOUR winters of that without Prozac! But now the walls are painted a nice red, warm browns, and soothing green. Hallelujah. Hopefully the outside will catch up soon and it will really be spring!

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