Well, OCmom tagged me for 7 random things about me and The Tutor tagged me for 8 things, I decided I’d better write a post today involving strange and inane facts about myself numbering either 7 or 8. So here are 7 + 1 things about me that you probably never wanted to know and probably won’t remember.

The rules (modified for the should-really-be-doing-something-else-crowd):
List 8 facts/ habits (or 7 if you want) about yourself. Above your list, post the meme rules. At the end of the post, list up to 8 people (or less if you have tagged too many people for stuff recently) you are going to tag to participate. Go to those people’s blogs and let them know you tagged them and refer them to your blog to read your list and the rules.

My list:
1. I currently drive a minivan whose signals work very sporadically. Well all of the meters work sporadically at this point.

2. We will be driving a Suburban as of July 2nd.

3. I didn’t sleep well last night. This is a common problem.

4. I can’t find my cell phone. Again. I’ll blame it on a lack of sleep. (I don’t think it’s in the washing machine this time.)

5. My husband and I spent yesterday afternoon and evening cleaning and organizing our basement.

6. I have to eat Mexican food at least once a week. I make killer guacamole.

7. We have moved 8 times in our ten years of marriage.

+ 1 =

8. Our tenth anniversary is this Friday. (Wedding pictures will be forthcoming.)

**Now I’m sorry, but I don’t have the mental acuity right now to be able to tag anyone else. (Did I mention how poorly I slept last night?) So I’m being a naughty rule bender by playing and not tagging anyone else. Please forgive me! I am tagging those who wish to be tagged for something or who also lack the mental acuity today to come up with their own posting ideas!

Thanks for tagging me though ladies! :^D

6 thoughts on “7 + 1 (random) things about me…

  1. happy anniversary nan!(i can’t find my cell phone either + i almost never get a good night’s sleep).

  2. Happy Anniversary. I, too, am a horrible sleeper–it used to be limited to when I was away from home–not so much anymore. I love guacamole–and would love to come eat some of yours!

  3. Loved your list. I don’t sleep well, either, but so far I have managed to keep track of my cell phone. Have you posted your guac. recipe recently? I’d love to see how you make it.

  4. Fun stuff! Hope you have a great anniversary, love the new Suburban and have some killer guacamole soon!

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