My son, 7, was told to write a story from the perspective of a horse who happens to meet a boy. He is reading C.S. Lewis’ The Horse and His Boy right now and rather than assign him to some boring copy work I decided to assign some creative writing.

Normally this child calls writing one of his hobbies. Along with playing guitar and sketching. But this afternoon he was experiencing some writer’s block. Most of the time I allow a good deal of freedom with regards to his writing assignments but this time I decided to challenge him by giving him a topic.

He was to be a horse who meets a boy.

He most definitely did not feel like doing this today but I stuck to my guns and said, “This is the assignment I am giving you and you will do it.” Because he loves school for the most part this hard nosed approach is rarely ever employed by me but today I decided I wanted to give him a little bit of a push.

He cried.

I told him that if he managed this assignment I would award him with a cyber-based reward: a blog of his own. I of course would update it and help him make his posts. But this was the carrot. Usually there are no carrots.

But then after much toil of the mind, his stress finally flew the coop and what emerged is something that made me leap out of my chair with pride. He came through this challenge with flying colors.

So the boy will get his own blog (a link will be forthcoming.) In the mean time I will share with you this gem of a piece of writing that poured out of his little pencil.

The Horse and His Boy: A Poem
By B. D.
copyright 2007

A horse for slavery? A horse for a race?
Not the life I should embrace.
I ran off far to be free
to find a boy to play with me.

I once found one behind a house.
He said, “I’m glad you’re not a mouse.”

But not now. Now we are off to adventure.
We’re loving together.
We’re the horse and the boy.

4 thoughts on “Good poems come to those who cry…

  1. I’m impressed.Kids are so much work (and having them all raised and out of the house is so easy) but, it sure would be great to have a blogging buddy like that.I look forward to reading more of his inspiration

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