And please remind me what season it is supposed to be? Because, call me crazy… but for the life of me, I simply cannot remember!

These are the views out of our windows this late May morning.

Southern girls… If you eat a popsicle in my honor today, I’ll eat an icicle in honor of you! It’s supposed to be Summery again by Saturday or Sunday… we’ll see…

15 thoughts on “Somebody slap me…

  1.!That is unbelievable to me too….and just after you posted those beautiful pics of your yard!

  2. Gosh! I can’t believe it. I’m from Iowa originally (not as NORTH as you) and I rarely, if ever, remember snow this late in May. I hope you see some sun and warmer temps for the holiday weekend. I’ll drink a big glass of iced tea for you down here in the South! :o)

  3. So sorry Nan! I’m jealous though…you probably knew I would say that. Jealous because here is our forecast today:Temp: 85 degreesHumidity: 698%Mosquitos: ThickI think snow would be refreshing…let’s trade places!Love you! Hope it’s summer by Sat!

  4. Wow, that’s so incredible to me! Where I live, we haven’t had a dusting of snow in about 6-7 years and that was in the middle of winter. It’s a balmy 84 here now; hope it all melts soon and you’ll be outdoors, grilling out and eating ice cream :)Have a great day!

  5. I was reading about this on the WTM board…I had to see if for myself. I live just outside Toronto, and can you believe it’s 34 degrees C with the humidex???? I’m thinking of turning on the a/c!4kids4me on the WTM board 🙂

  6. Wow, love snow!Amanda (daughter 16 yo) is going to montreal with our church in june. I wonder if it is cold there?

  7. Okay…I will never complain about the rain and clouds of the Pacific Northwest again…at least we don’t get snow in MAY! So sorry…hope it warms up a bit for the holiday weekend for you!

  8. there was some snow in the blue’s two days ago.somewhat chilly – but warming up tomorrow says the!

  9. Oh, I know EXACTLY where you live. Okay, didn’t mean that to sound creepy. I used to live there myself. A friend of mine called me from there and bemoaned the snow. I live approximately 19 hours by car directly north. So I feel the pain. Hang in there. Gotta love those Chinooks. 🙂

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