5 thoughts on “We're a blogging family!

  1. I want to see! But it says I have to be invited. =). I’m confident that it is something I am doing wrong! =).

  2. I’m a Christian dad of three boys – 8, 6.5 and 4. What did you and your husband decide is an appropriate age to let the little one start blogging? Just curious for our situation…

  3. Hi Dootz. He is just 7. Since I am doing the typing and I receive all the comments in my box and his name is not made public I feel comfortable with it. I am hoping he can meet some other children who also like sharing their artwork and thoughts as well. Could be fun for him. For now he just thinks he’s cool cuz he has a blog like Mom and Dad. :^D We are very wordy folks (as I can tell you are from your blog post about your extreme joy at having had the opportunity to use such an incredibly long word in context!) Hee hee!If we find that he has any weirdos or something we’ll just make it a private blog by invite only.

  4. His blog looks good! Tell him I enjoy his artwork too.(I wanted to leave a comment on his blog but I don’t have a blogger account)Mandy

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