I am getting so excited about this and more and more jealous of whoever my lucky winners are. The only solution to this jealousy I’m sure will be to buy myself a few new aprons… The one problem that could arise from that decision would be who to buy it from!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the sponsors for next week’s Apron bonanza, known here as APRONPALOOZA! Check these folks out even now so that when I rave endlessly about them next week you will already know which apron you want the mostest!

Updated List!!
Layla Grace
Domestic Darlings
Deanna @ The Apronista
Modern June
The Kitchen Madonna
Darly Bird
Apron Memories
Jump Up and Down
Simple Things
Jessie Steele
Momo’s Retro Fashions
Nana Company: Pretty Little Things
Olive Juice & Co.
Carolyn’s Kitchen
Made by Tess
Practically Necessary
Annie’s Attic

And still more apron makers are responding and joining in on Apronpalooza! Tell your Grandmas and aunties and sisters and girlfriends… and your husbands can enter too if they think you might look hot in an apron (in a non-sexist way I mean) or if they just know you would love one!

**If you are an apron maker who has heard about this and are coming to see what the haps are, and you would like to sponsor a giveaway with one of your creations, please e-mail me and let me know!**

17 thoughts on “More Apron Talk!! (Get used to it for the next little while!)

  1. Hi Randi! I commented on your craft blog last night. :^DJust e-mail me and I’ll give ya the scoop!

  2. LOL Toni! Not much lately. Between insomnia and the sun coming up and relentlessly blazing in my bedroom window at 6:00 every morning now, I am fairly sleep deprived. I manage to catch a few really good nights of sleep here and there though and they seem to revive me enough to keep puttering away.

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