Okay, this woman is an absolute pig headed punk. Meme Roth needs a reality check. (Sorry that a rant is going to supercede all the aprony wonderfulness happening here this and next week but you can scroll down for that or hit the button on my sidebar if you want to skip my rant! :^D … now back to my rant.)

Okay, I am not a huge American Idol fan or anything though we have watched it a couple of times this season. Watch this interview and see how she describes one very beautiful, healthy looking young lady as obese or dangerously overweight enough that the rude “lady” can only see diabetes and heart disease and blah blah blah when she looks at this girl.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating that obesity and the dangers that often accompany it be downplayed but PUHLEASE let’s not call girls that have what most guys would probably consider a wonderfully touchable little cushion of subcutaneous fat “obese!” It’s deplorable. I hope Meme Roth loses her job for lack of tact and lack of judgement. She obviously has body dysmorphia if she thinks this young lady is anywhere near obese.

I think even most of those who were blessed with smaller frames (whether they work to attain it or not) can appreciate that ideal weight really can differ from person to person and that **gasp** some women even look better and feel better and are a healthier them at a couple of pounds above the “standard.” Meme Roth sounds like she is talking about dog breed standards rather than people (beautiful people nonetheless) who have feelings… oh and who AREN’T FAT!


15 thoughts on “What on earth is this woman smoking?!

  1. Ooooh–that made me so angry–she called that woman obese? I am shocked. Who in the world does she think she is? Oh brother.

  2. That is so ridiculous. I can’t even come up with the words to express how stupid Meme’s ideas are.

  3. I agree with Pamela, but of course if she sucked the carrot, she would probably have to run right to the bathroom to gag herself, because as you know, it’s just not healthy to eat! PUHLEASE!!!

  4. Has she never heard the Karen Carpenter story? The item that pushed her over the edge, into an ultimately fatal eating disorder, was a blurb in the paper about the “cute, chubby drummer”. It wasn’t intended to be malicious or even critical, but that was the final straw with Karen. Granted, she already had a problem with a skewed self-image and anorexia wasn’t as well publicized as now (how to get help, warning signs, etc.). But, how just a quickly spoken or written phrase can effect a person makes one pause before recklessly lashing out, I would hope.Anyway…writing a book here! I am happy for Jordin and pleased that she is noticed for her phenomenal talents. I hope the media is more responsible and realize they are dishing about a young lady (and many of her young fans who will identify with her) who has true feelings.Okay, off of my soapbox! I will try to check in during my trip. Don’t know how often I will get wireless, though.

  5. sigh. I was *mildly* anorexic as a teen…at 5’4″ my weight dropped to under 90 lbs…and it happened again during a very stressful period when I was in my early 20’s. The Lord has graciously delivered and healed me from much of that…but I still struggle with body image and self esteem. At 47 I have had 8 kids and wear a size 10…it is difficult for me to overcome my feelings of being ugly, fat, undesirable…and of course entering the age of menopause is not doing great things for my metabolism even though I work out 1-2 hours a day 6 days. People like Meme Roth just encourage the anal retentive mentality that if you just eat less and exercise more you will lose weight OR that thin people are healthy people. We are becoming a society that worships the body, like the Greeks…and look what happened to them. end rant.

  6. Oh My Gosh! Meme need to go eat some doughnuts or something LOLJust kidding.I think Jordin looks fine, she don’t need to change one thing.No wonder girls now a days think they need to be a size Zero. YUCK!

  7. *sigh* Jordan is large boned – any idiot can see that watching. She is most certaintly not OBESE! That’s why I like my career as a mom, my children love me no matter what – they think I’m soft like a pillow. 😉 So let’s continue putting 75lb WOMEN on the covers of the magazines and CD’s so that our daughters want to be bulemic and anorexic – the current trend is MUCH healthier. *sigh*

  8. Grrr… I wanted to reach out and smack her skinny little face. Jordin is gorgeous and is exactly the kind of “idol” I’d like my DD to emulate. She’s not skinny-minny and is confident and smart and talented.I remember when Carrie Underwood was on Idol… she was cute, but told she was a little “tubby”. Look at her now! Someone needs to feed her. She looks brittle.I’m 5’9″ tall and a size 10 and have been told by my doctor that I am overweight. Since when is a size ten FAT? As if we women, as a whole, don’t already have issues with our bodies? This is absurd.Grrr…

  9. Hmmm… maybe she wanted to be a singer and ended up an angry person instead… just a though. Jordan is so not obese. Whatever.

  10. I agree with Annie – sounds like this Meme chick is jealous of the Jordan girl.

  11. That segment was apalling! My dh and I CANNOT believe that Meme would actually believe that the beautiful 17 young lady is a picture of unhealth. Frankly even at my peak of healthy, I was never a skinny minny. However, weighing 155 pounds my BMI was 22 and I was, according to medicine, very healthy. Hmmm no wonder eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and overeating) are so common…there is alot of pressure to not be the woman that God has created us to be but Barbie instead. Emily

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