5 thoughts on “Check it out…

  1. I hope I win.I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your blog-singing. I could actually hear your voice in my head as I read your lyrics. You are so funny. I love the picture of you guys and the kids after 10 years…it doesn’t seem like it has been that long since your beautiful wedding day. Time flies when you are having fun.And you are right about the obesity thing…ridiculous!!!Talk to you soon!

  2. Woo hoo! Sounds like a great contest. Maybe I can hop in to visit your site while I am on the family road trip. (Idaho, Yellowstone, Colorado…so excited and exhausted!)Youngest dd is sick–caught the stomach flu from her bff a couple of days ago–threw up in the church bathroom right after the family pics I made her stay for and SMILE during my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. Oh yeah, we have timing, and do I win compassionate mom of the year?? *sigh* At least I held her hair back as she rolfed in the toilet. 🙂 She’s a sweetie and very forgiving (thank you, Lord!). Our trip may begin tomorrow instead of today.Um, I hope you don’t mind this–please delete it, if it bugs you–but, a friend of mine is up for a contest for an office makeover. She is the one who hired me for my first paid photography job (her daughter’s senior portrait) and is one of my biggest supporters–much better than a business card! I also snapped her headshot for this contest. (Whaddya think?) Anyway, if you (and anyone reading this!) want to vote for her, it is athttp://www.goodmansgoodguy.com/phoenix/ballot.phpand her name is Susie Shannon for the Phoenix Girls Chorus. She has done GREAT work for them as well–just a great person.Thanks! I hope I didn’t overstep anything in posting this. I am always messing up on web etiquette.

  3. You’ve got me on pins and needles in eager anticipation.Do you hear that all you apron-makers out there? I feel like I’m staring through the glass doors waiting for the store to open the day after Thanksgiving–now THAT’S excitement 🙂

  4. waiting…waiting…waiting.. By the way…it isn’t MaryE..it is Mary with an e. 🙂 It worked for Anne, right?

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