(I think.) We spend April and most of May enjoying every ounce of nice weather we get up here but we dont’ hold our breath that winter is over until there is a snowfall sometime around the last week of May. Since that happened a week ago things have steadily improved and yesterday and today have been downright Summerlicious.

We woke up with the sun this morning, ate our breakfast, did some dish washing and laundry duties, took a morning walk, planted (with help from our same wonderful friends who always help us) the very last of all of our plants — a columnar spruce tree, a rose bush and several more flowers, ate tuna sandwiches for lunch, then the boys played on a slip ‘n’ slide that I got for $12.99 at Winners (Canada’s version of Ross Dress for Less), (lathered ourselves up with sunscreen a couple of times in between all of these activities), ate dinner on the deck, headed out for soccer practice/game, came home to eat popsicles on the front porch and the kids played with the neighbor who brought out a pile of costumes which they all put on and wore while running willy-nilly around the front yard, came inside and made everyone hit the showers, jammified them, brushed teeth and now my husband and I are lying here on our recliners like a couple of deflated party balloons. Does that sound tiring? It was meant to. I only used commas — no full-stops — for dramatic effect. (Did it work?) It really was that non-stop of a day. Wonderfully exhausting!

I only wish every day was so productive! In light of that wish I am going to really start trying to get out and exercise first thing in the morning. I am very much not a morning person. But the dadgum sun (I really like it) comes blazing in my window every morning at 6:00 sharp and there is no avoiding it. I am lucky if I can sleep past 6:45… and I really like to sleep until 7:30 at least… 8 makes me really happy. 8:30 means something must be wrong with the childrens’ stomachs that they haven’t woken up with breakfast heavy on their minds yet. And 9 is right out.

So since there is no avoiding this daily obtrusive visitor every morning I am thinking the right thing to do would be to go ahead and get up with him and go out, get some exercise and enjoy Mr. Golden Sun while I can because I must tell you… as wary as I am about getting too excited about Summer in mid-May when there is certain to be another snowfall, I suck the marrow out of Summertime and sqeeze every last drop of it out that I can get since I know that come late August we could be just a mere few weeks away from the first snowfall again… And I spend every moment up until that point in total revelry… that is when it’s not thunderstorming and dropping enormous balls of hail.

Oh and this totally fun school-free day we had was brought to you by homeschooling! We NEVER take snow days but we can sure as heck take a SUN day now and then! :^D

8 thoughts on “Summer is here to stay! (A meandering ramble of a post)

  1. There is so much to be learned, sitting on a porch with Popsicles,….definitely falls under science experience.someone told me yesterday that you could measure the outside temperature by the length of a cricket chirp.Now there is something for your next class.

  2. I can relate to Mr. Sun. I woke up (no alarm) at 5:45 this am. It was full daylight outside.

  3. Great meanderings! Loved the picture you painted of the slip n slide, dinner on the deck, popsicles, it all sounds so fun and summery 🙂 Ah, to be a kid again!I agree about the sun. My dog starts barking at dawn to go out, so the earlier the sun comes up, the earlier I have to get up to go let the dog out 🙂 We want to get back into a walking in the AM routine, but everyone has the sickies around here :(Have a summerlicious day and weekend!

  4. i LOVE the idea of a “sun day.” what a great way to simply enjoy the weather. it sounds like the perfect excuse to do all the things that you are normally too busy to get around to…. running through sprinklers, sipping lemonade, eating popsicles, having a picnic, playing softball. i think i’ll have to plan one at least once a week.

  5. Sounds like it was a great day for everyone. Enjoy your summer and warm weather. You deserve it after a long winter.

  6. We love Sun Days! In fact when I worked before kids, I used to take “fresh air breaks” on the other side of the building from all the smokers. I figure if the boss and other smokers got smoke breaks, then I sure deserved a fresh air break, right. I’m trying to get up earlier too. We’ll see if it works. Keep us posted, I enjoy your blog. BTW, I’m back.

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