I’ve been told that, “for a student to teach her teacher is presumptious and rude…” (by Mr. Turpentine on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you must know the source) And lately I have been both the student and the teacher so am I the rude student or the all knowing teacher? I can’t figure it out.

So I’ve been teaching myself some basic blog design stuff because I am contemplating a future career (way future) in web design. I’ve found little tips and helps and short cuts along the way and am . And what I have taught myself, I have done so entirely without Photoshop… I can only imagine what I’ll be able to come up when I finally get that!

Here are some of the things I’ve done for friends so far… A couple of them are just for fun or are still on hold for one reason or another and aren’t currently being used. But I’m having fun plying my new craft.

I just have to share what I’ve been up to whenever I can grab a minute here and there (or an hour.) [Did I mention that I never watch t.v.? This is my t.v.)

Lens Cleanse
Boy Blogicus
My Test Blog
My 2nd Test Blog
Life Through My Eyes
Enjoying Life One Juice Box at a Time

11 thoughts on “I've been teaching myself…

  1. So, we’re talkin’ headers or what? ‘Cause Ree mentioned headers and Photoshop this morning. I’ve been wanting to make my own header for a while, but I’m not ready to jump in and buy Photoshop just yet, cheapskate that I am. So what did you use to do these? Pretty please…

  2. It is funny timing that Ree posted about it this morning too but I promise, as much as I idolize her I’m not copycatting. :^D I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now… and I’m so not as good at it as Ree is! I have a program on my Mac called Pages, which is really meant for making brochures and other publicity materials and that is what I use to create the headers. I get free clipart (and linkware) from Google searches. I download fonts from free font sources. Then I jump through a ridiculous number of hoops. I save it as a PDF from Pages. From the PDF I save it as a JPEG. (I wish I could just save it as a JPEG strait from Pages but alas, I cannot.) Then I go to my iPhoto and import the JPEG version. Crop it to the right size, put it in an easy to locate folder in my iPhoto. And then I go to the blog and upload it straight to it (or upload it to my Photobucket account and then to the blog’s layout.)Dizzying isn’t it? Which is why I really REALLY want Photoshop! LOL! I’m sure Ree’s tutorial will come in really handy whenever I actually do get Photoshop but until then I’ll just keep going my long route! LOL (And though it sounds like that takes a long time, it really doesn’t… the actual designing of and Googling and downloading is the most time consuming part… the rigamarol just sounds complex.)

  3. Oh, no, I didn’t mean you were copycatting. I was just trying to figure out if it was headers or more. I don’t have Mac, but maybe I have something on my computer I can use. I’ll have to look around a bit to see.

  4. Hey Jenni, sorry if I came across as saying that you were accusing me of copycatting. :^D I only meant I do see how it *could* look that way. Don’t worry, there was no offense taken.

  5. If you’re looking for free stuff, you could look at open source programs.One of the reasons that I suspect that my Mac days are over is the relative lack of applications for it. One program that might partially satisfy your wants, thought, is called Seashore. (There’s more stuff available, but the other, more-fully-featured stuff is a lot more complicated to install).

  6. Nice job on your blog designs. I am trying to figure mine out too, not as a profession, but for my own fun. I have had Photoshop for I don’t know how long (hubby uses for websites) and I have never ventured inside. I guess the time is now. ~R

  7. Great job Nan! I loved your butterfly header and the Life through my eyes ones best. Though the juice box collage of pictures was pretty COOL too!I am starting up an all-recipe blog here one of these days and I want to make a header for it using my VERY own photography. I don’t know how though. I don’t have MAC and I don’t have photoshop and I am a virtual-ninkumpoop. So-it might be a while before I *actually* have it up.Yeah-and that comment you made about explaining it. YOWZA. Made me have second thoughts…:-)

  8. ooooooooohhh….I take it back. My favorite is DEFINATELY cotton blossoms. My computer just loaded it. TOO pretty!

  9. Great Job Nan! I like the butterfly one too! Very pretty and fun. I want to get into making web designs too someday, but life will have to slow down for a bit first!

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