Hi Everyone! I just wanted to get these basic rules out here today before the week gets underway. I know I said I’d get them up on Sunday but Sundays around here tend to be a bit hectic and I never know just when I will get a minute to sit down and type without major interruptions or bloodshed (have I mentioned that I have four sons and I’m sure we are due for an ER visit eventually right??) and since everyone is sleeping right now (Miracle of miracles!) I will just do it now. :^D

  1. You may enter each contest only ONCE. You can however beg your husband and relatives to enter to win also but they must do so through another computer. Please be honest and only enter once.
  2. I will post each contest seperately. If more than one apron is up for grabs in a certain post, you may still only enter once (NOT once for each apron.) When more than one apron is up for grabs it means there will be more than one winner. You will not be able to win all three aprons. Sorry!
  3. Men may enter these contests (tell your husbands!!). We will know they are doing it for the sake of a woman somewhere.
  4. Pay attention to the closing times and dates on each contest. They may vary!
  5. All winners will be chosen via the random number generator found here. As I will probably know at least some of the participants (relatives, friends and acquaintences) I want to assure everyone that absolutely no favoritism whatsoever will be shown in any of my contests.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from all of the apron makers and companies I talked to there will be several contests put up each day so come back often to make sure you get your name in the hat for each of them! I’ll see you all on Monday hopefully!

14 thoughts on “Some Basic Contest Rules

  1. I like your blog, did you design it yourself? I found you through a comment on Rocks In My Dryer. I will so be back for the contests starting Monday. The aprons are so cute, I’ve been eying something like this for a while.

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the kind compliments! I too love my blog design! :^D I did not create it though. Susie, the very talented designer at Bluebird blogs made it for me for a really reasonable price. Though I am learning to do some basic stuff, I am very far from being able to produce a blog such as my own…. Some day!

  3. Love this contest. I like cockadoodle from the #2 group. I didn’t know there were companies out there still making such cute aprons! Thanks Mary Moskwiak

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