My first apron contest is hosted by Jessie Steele Aprons. The aprons made by Jessie Steele are not only practical, they are simply beautiful! When I first started perusing the apron world online Jessie Steele aprons were the ones that immediately stood out to me. I could gush and gush about how adorable these aprons are (and believe me, I will) but I first want to just quote a bit of what can be found on the “about” page of their company website.

Helena Steele had collected 20 th Century vintage aprons for years, enchanted by their amazing styles and nostalgic charm. These beautiful kitchen aprons symbolized the grace and beauty of a forgotten time. She visualized it was possible to preserve their heirloom characteristics while giving them a uniquely 21 st Century fit and appeal. It was time to re-focus on friends and family, and revive the fun of the “hostess” party.

Helena shared her vision with Claire Steele, her daughter, a former model and fashion expert. Helena proposed that they bring their talents together to create vintage aprons that would both reflect the retro whimsy of the 1940’s and 50’s and meet the challenging needs of today’s woman. Claire enthusiastically agreed, and Jessie Steele fine hostess aprons was conceived.

After spending over a year researching and developing their plans, exploring a wide variety of fabrics and prints, designing their own textiles and finessing cuts and styles, Helena and Claire began manufacturing the Jessie Steele line of vintage kitchen aprons. These aprons are not only beautiful and feminine, they are designed to make the woman who wears them look and feel good.

Here are some of my favorites!

I love this one. It is truly a retro look. I love the scalloped edge at the bottom. It’s a fun and flirty look but it’s all about the business of cooking. So cute!

This one is just stunning. It makes me want to buy fine china and host a dinner party. I love the black and white look. This is a very sophisticated apron that I would be proud to be seen in. I would wear it as a fashion statement.

And these two, I think are just absolutely adorable! This is a Mom and daughter or Grandma and Grand-daughter pair if I’ve ever seen one! What little girl wouldn’t want to whip up a batch of cupcakes with cherries on top the very minute she lays eyes on this apron? And what memories would be shared in the kitchen together wearing these aprons while cooking with the little girl who will one day be more than just your daughter… she will be your friend! Or perhaps Grandma can own this set and any grand-daughter who bakes with her will get to wear the matching apron with Grandma. I have wonderful cake baking memories with my Grandma! Since I have no daughters I am considering getting my sons and their father matching tool belts.

Jessie Steele is offering the winner of this contest the winner’s choice of the entire Spring 2007 Collection!

To Enter this Contest:

1) Visit the sponsors website, have a look around and then leave a comment here telling me which Jessie Steele apron is your favorite!
2) You may enter this contest only once.
3) This contest’s deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time
4) Do NOT post anonymously. Anonymous posters will not be entered into the drawing.
5) A winner will be chosen by random drawing (for more info. on this, read this post)

262 thoughts on “Apronpalooza! CONTEST #1: Jessie Steele

  1. Oooh! There’s one in my favorite trendy color combo of chocolate and pink. Bib Ava Brown & Pink Polka Dots is the one for me. Although my daughter would fawn all over Children’s Bib Ava Retro Cherries.

  2. I SO long for the Bib Chef’s Onyx, but I also could go for Bib Carmen Black w/ white bias.

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