My all time favorite blogging buddy is having one of her now famous Give that Photo a Name Contests today!


(You’ll be sorry if you do.)

7 thoughts on “And this is just cause I love ya…

  1. She’s one of my faves too, Nan. In fact, I think her blog is how I found you!Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. I love this contest – I’m more excited about the thought of winning an apron than I am a coffee maker!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Wow, she’s going to have a lot of reads tonight or the next couple days. Good thing you’ve got the automatic number drawing set up!

  3. The Mrs., I’m so glad ya did find me! :^D It’s fun having chatty readers! For a long time I had a decent readership but they were a very quiet bunch! LOLRebecca, Ree’s contests never cease to amaze me. I think she got something like 1,400 entries. The great thing about Ree is that you don’t just like reading what she writes, you can’t help but feel like she’s your buddy and that she would somehow know you if you happened to meet in the grocery store. Only you wouldn’t know her, you’d look like an idiot talking to her about your life story (since you already know hers) and she would probably be sweet enough to really listen! She’s an incredible lady.Rohanknitter I’d love one of those coffee makers… but I don’t know if I’d love buying the little pods. But I bet I would justify it by telling myself how very free the coffee maker was! LOL

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