I give you the fresh and fantastic Darlybird. Another Momtrepreneur leaving her mark on the world! I love it!

Born from a love for fresh design that doesn’t break the bank, Darlybird is the brainchild of a stay-at-home mom slash creative-guru-wannabe who decided to take a risk and have fun at the same time.

I cannot get enough of this place. All of their products have a crisp and whimsical feel about them. And the prices are really reasonable, making a REAL SIMPLE or Martha Stewart look affordable enough to pull off for us normal folks who have style but not always the greenbacks to support it! Darlybird makes it seem a little more doable!

And OH! Will you fall in love with all the goodies… Here are some of my faves… I love this cake plate. I need a cake plate. Doesn’t everyone need a good cake plate? Do you think my boys would object to having their birthday cakes served atop a pink pedestal? Eh… who cares. It’s stinkin‘ cute!

(((GASP))) Equally adorable salad servers! MUST HAVE THESE FOR SUMMER!!

Here is a super cute child’s cupcake ruffle apron that I could never force any of my children to wear… but I have a few nieces who would probably love it!

The WINNER of this contest will receive this super cute and colorful retro style half apron called <a href="
http://darlybird.com/moda02.html”>Summer in the City from Moda! This reminds me of my childhood. I’m sure we had a tablecloth with a similar pattern.
To Enter this Contest:

1) Visit the sponsors website, have a look around and then leave a comment here telling me which Darlybird product is your favorite!
2) You may enter this contest only once.
3) This contest’s deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time
4) Do NOT post anonymously. Anonymous posters will not be entered into the drawing.
5) A winner will be chosen by random drawing (for more info. on this, read this post)

157 thoughts on “Apronpalooza! CONTEST #6: Darlybird

  1. Who would miss a chance to win something from Darlybird! My favorite Darlybird product is the hanging mobile with clips. I want to put one over my kitchen sink.

  2. I looked for the salad servers and the cake plate at the site and couldn’t find either one but I’m taking your word for it, and your pictures… and it’s a tough decision but I’d go with the salad servers!

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