Well friends, I am so thankful for the incredible turn out this week… I hope I will continue to see some of you even after the excitement of Apronpalooza! dies down. I have good news and bad news… first the bad news, my laptop totally died last night. Caput. Crash. Boom. I don’t know if it’s going to be resurrected…

BUT my husband has a computer and he has graciously told me that I could use it when he is not working on it (he works out of our home) to continue the apron fest. His computer is as big and as slow as an ox compared to my Mac (I know… Mac loyalists never die in their loyalty even if their Mac’s do die…) so I may be pressed for time to get the remainder of the posts out… However I am going to do my best! If you are a praying person… pray for me!! (and pray for the Mac representative that I will speak to on the phone this morning… I don’t do well… I get mad… in such situations I must confess…I know, it’s really awful.)

BUT without further ado I bring to you Olive Juice & Co. That link is to the Olive Juice & Co. blog. You can find the shop here, though she is currently sold out. And when I show you some of her talent, you will not wonder for a second why she is sold out at the moment! Kim does absolutely breathtaking work (yes, I said breathtaking about an apron!) She custom makes all of her aprons just for you!

I mean this when I say it, I truly believe that some of the aprons I am showing you now will one day be labeled as pieces of Americana, treasures… 50 years from now I can imagine a woman bringing an apron like the ones that Kim at Olive Juice & Co. makes to Antiques Roadshow to have it appraised. They are not merely aprons…. they are pieces of art.

I cannot really express to you how beautiful I think these aprons are. It’s plain to see that a great deal of attention to detail and care is poured into each individual one. I hope that one result of this apron week on my blog is that you will never again be able to buy an apron at Wal Mart or Costco. I have a very strong suspicion that anything “out there” will look like a beat up Pinto next to a Ferrari Testerosa when compared with the aprons I’ve been showcasing this week.

The WINNER of this contest will have their choice between The Flossie (pictured below) or a custom design to be worked out with Kim personally! What an incredible offer!
To Enter this Contest:

1) Visit the sponsors website, have a look around and then leave a comment here telling me which Olive Juice & Co. apron is your favorite!
2) You may enter this contest only once.
3) This contest’s deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time
4) Do NOT post anonymously. Anonymous posters will not be entered into the drawing.
5) A winner will be chosen by random drawing (for more info. on this, read this post)

p.s. If you want to pass the word about these contests, please check out this post where you can get a code for a button for your blog!

260 thoughts on “Apronpalooza! CONTEST #12: Olive Juice & Co.

  1. I pick the Maggie, I love big bows. And by the way, I am also the mother of four boys! In about 8 weeks I’ll be the mother of four boys and a little girl!! (Which I still find hard to believe and won’t completely believe until I see for myself in the delivery room!!)Fun contest!L-P

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lucy!! Yea I know its a children’s apron, but the fabric combos just make drool! So vintage, yet so full of spunk and pop. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  3. Of course mine has to be the Lucy. I’ve been trying to get one of those for my little peach for a little while now. It is so amazing!

  4. Oh my…such decisions! Either would work for me, but maybe the custom would be nice…something with a bit more pink and maybe some blue.Rosemary P.

  5. I actually am especially fond of the Flossie…I love the combination of pattern and stripe!

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