When this week of apron giveaways kicked off word spread quickly amongst a corridor of the online crafting community and before long I had more apron makers than I knew what to do with! It was a good problem! Here’s where low expectations will get you into trouble though… for some reason I had no idea that so many crafters would jump at this opportunity. Did I ever miscalculate! I thought perhaps I would have maybe four giveaways this week… I was really hoping for five… I simply couldn’t have imagined this kind of turn out.

So as I said, crafters have started coming out of the woodwork wanting to join in on the fun… so mark my words, this is NOT my last contest!! Well… I might spread it out over a longer period of time… But there are small online business owners and Momtrepreneurs that are just itching to get the word out about their products.

The internet and places like Etsy are the future of Mom and Pop operations, one of a kind manufacturers and crafters. Individuality, uniqueness and quality are the sacrificial lambs in this highly homogonized world of retail that we live in, where someone in one part of the country might have the same wardrobe, furniture, accessories, etc… as someone in any other part of the country thanks to places like Ikea, WalMart, Target and the like. Don’t get me wrong… I love some of those stores! I just think we need to place a higher value on the individuality that is out there if we are willing to look for it. All of these women featured here this week prove that.

So I hope I’ve in a sense, ruined WalMart and Target for you (you know…. not for toilet paper and dishwashing soap…) so that next time you need something that you think might be made handmade by someone, somewhere you first think to look online to find a small online entrepreneur or a homemaker like yourself who is trying to assist her family income by way of the work of her hands. We need to do what we can to support these enterprising ladies.

Okay… so I’m getting off my soapbox now to point you toward my last, but certainly not least, apron maker. Jennifer at One of Mine contacted me this week full of excitement about the buzz revolving around Apronpalooza! Jennifer does not sell her products online so she is doing this simply because she loves aprons… I can’t think of anything more humble and generous!

Jennifer sells her products at a Kansas City Eclectics Gallery (I tried to link it but it was not working) as well as at a brick and mortar shop called Vintiques.

Thank you Jennifer for your generosity and kindness! I wish you great success in the building of your business.

The WINNER of this contest will receive this beautifully feminine apron made with care by Jennifer. I love the way it fits snugly. I love the neck line. I love everything about this simply elegant apron. (Please pay close attention to the rules below as they vary from previous contests.)

To Enter this Contest:

1) Visit the sponsors website, have a look around and then leave a comment here with #1 What you enjoyed most about these contests this week and #2 What other kind of craft you would most like to see me highlight here by way of a contest. #3 Telling why you love this apron. (yeah…. I’m makin‘ ya work for it now!)
2) You may enter this contest only once.
3) This contest’s deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time
4) Do NOT post anonymously. Anonymous posters will not be entered into the drawing.
5) A winner will be chosen by random drawing (for more info. on this, read this post)


Tomorrow between noon and 6p.m. I will post the winners for all of the contests. At that point I will need the winners to e-mail me using the e-mail me feature in the left sidebar of my blog to give me their full names, addresses and preferences if their winnings include a choice or an option of some kind.

Thank you all so much for making this such a huge success! I hope I will continue to see some (or all… I wouldn’t fight that…) of you when my blog goes back to normal (which if you’ve read any of my archives you already probably realize can mean just about anything!)

94 thoughts on “Apronpalooza! FINAL CONTEST: One of Mine

  1. 1. This contest has been a great way for me to see what other ladies are doing with their talents. I have seen a lot of things that I would love to have and to give. The exposure you are giving to these crafters is so incredibly valuable. Thank you!2. Bags! I have seen so many that I love through this contest, I would love the opportunity to win one (and see what other great ones are out there).3. The neckline is the best part of this apron – sexy/sassy, but in a way that most people would not realize (very subtle).Thank you, Nan! It has been fun.

  2. 1. I love that a lot of indie artists were featured…I love to support these kind of businesses!2. I would like to see jewelry…maybe like blown glass or pottery pendants…3. I love the way this apron fits…the neckline is nice!I have really enjoyed this week of aprons…you are a great hostess!!

  3. 1. I loved seeing the different aprons, and reading the comments to see which ones the majority of people seemed to like. So interesting. I’m also glad that I’ve been inspired to start making aprons–I envision myself giving them as birthday, holiday and shower gifts.2. I would love to see you showcase handmade jewlery and stationery.3. I love the button on the pocket of this apron. The sweet little details seem to be the reason that my treasured possessions become so dear.

  4. I have most enjoyed seeing all of these wonderful websites where I can get not only aprons, but other fun things as well. I never think about etsy, but now I probably will.I would love to see you highlight tote bags next. In fact, I will make one for you to give away.I love this apron because of the pocket and the scoop neck.

  5. 1. I have enjoyed viewing the many many many varieties of aprons. I had never realized a simple item of what I had heretofor thought of as “protective clothing” could be such a fashion statement. The creativity of each of the seamstresses is incredible!2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see jewelry, beads and cleaning products. Quit laughing you all. Seriously, I found some other “all natural” cleaning products online and a woman at home started this line. Too cool!3. Finally, this apron is oh so feminine. There are not ruffles, nor is it even remotely pink. However, every inch from the neckline to the trim to the button on the pocket says, “I am a feminine women and I want you to notice that fact.” As opposed to my current “cow apron” which says, “MOO, I Love cows!” Which isn’t bad, because I do love cows. However, I would love the apron to say, “HEY, pay attention to my feminine side.” Okay, enough. Thanks for the contests. They have been fun!Blessings, Kim

  6. My answers:1. Making my wife happy by entering for her.2. Woodworking3. Because my wife would look good in itThanks again,Andrew

  7. I have enjoyed seeing all apron styles. Its fun to see how one person can take a bib style apron and make it look totally different then the next.I would love to see a bagpalooza sometime soon. I love the feminine neckline and close fit of Jennifer’s apron. The binding contrast is pretty too.

  8. 1) I LOVED finding out just how many GORGEOUS aprons there are out there that are made by hand as opposed to cookie-cutter mass produced!2) I’d love to see children’s handmade toys!3) I must admit, I love that rather “sexy” low neckline on such a pretty fabric!

  9. 1. I enjoyed the “fun” and being able to see all of the different styles of aprons out there. I honestly had no idea!! Who thought an apron could be hip and funky!2. I think I would like to see purses next time. I’m not a real “craftsy” person, but I could certainly see myself being interested in different styles of purses.3. I like the color and feminine design of this apron. I like that is is long and that it doesn’t appear to close with a tie closure…just lift over your neck! How convenient!

  10. 1. Gaining a new appreciation for those who have the talent and determination to handcraft items of beauty, with attention to detail and pride. Lovely!2. Handbags and/or totebags.3. Very flattering fit, not frumpy or utilitarian.

  11. #1 I liked that you were able to make the readers aware of all the great crafters out there. I made my own apron not too long ago and did not relaize what an art it is. #2 Any craft item would be great. bags, totes, baby items, these are things we can all use.#3 What I like about the featured apron: the length, color and the neckline are all very feminine. The color combo is also striking and the one button detail is super cute.Thanks for a great contest, it was fun!

  12. 1) I have loved this week looking at aprons and other beautifully made products. It makes me wanna pull out the sewing machine! It also makes me really think before I buy more scrapbooking supplies…I think a new apron and bag and home goodies are calling me! Change CAN be good. #2 I love the handbags. I have a friend who makes beautiful handbags. I have been seeing more and more of the larger ones and as a homeschooler I would love a large beautiful handmade tote bag!#3 I like this apron b/c it is sexy. the low cut would certainly make me wanna wear a low cut shirt for dh 🙂 and I love flowers. I could totally see serving the kids in that ;-)tess

  13. I have so enjoyed browsing all of the sites for this weeks’ contests…I have added a new column of bookmarks to my browser! I am not creative with my hands, and I am somewhat in awe of those who are…and I love that you’re giving smaller businesses a chance to shine with your contests! In addition to the aprons, I love unique baby gifts, soaps, lotions, etc…I am always looking for something new! As for the apron, I love the cut and the fabric. This week has been truly lovely! Thank you so much for bringing it to us!

  14. 1.I have loved beiing inspired ..even if i dont win a hng I am newly inspired to uncover the sewing machine and get to work..that i a good thing and I thank you for that Nan.2.what other kind of craft? what about cloth diapes? I dont have any in them anymore but htere are some awesome moms out there making some awesome cloth diapers3 the apron remind me of ma in he little house books. and thse books are comfort food for my heart sometimes, you know?

  15. 1. I’m glad I’ve heard of Etsy. I didn’t know about it before this contest. I need to do more sewing and crafting!2. How about baskets? Things for the garden? 3. This apron is very cute and it’s flattering to a woman’s shape. (I guess that would apply to all the aprons we’ve seen in this contest.) Too often full aprons seem like they were cut for a man!

  16. 1. I’ve enjoyed looking at all of the pretty aprons. I had no idea an apron could be so lovely. Guess what I’m giving away for Christmas this year?2. Bags, totes, purses ect.3. I love this particular apron because of the neckline. Sexy!

  17. 1. I loved having something to look forward to checking on for fun and for discovering new crafty blogs and shops. Plus I hope this doesn’t sound creepy but I enjoyed reading the other comments and checking out other readers’ blogs, too. It’s totally addictive.2. Handmade bags, t-shirts or jewelry would be fun. Or craft supplies with the winner being obliged to show off what they made with their booty! 3. I love how Jennifer’s apron looks simultaneously dustbowl in the ’30s and hipster chic. The red piping and sweet button detail on the pocket are subtle but gorgeous. I wish we could see more of her stuff online– you need to convince her to start blogging, at least!Thanks again for a fun week. I hope I win an apron.

  18. 1. I’ve been to Etsy before and I had heard of a few of these apron makers before. What I enjoyed most was discovering even more talented women. As soon as I have some extra cash, I’m going to buy myself an apron from one of your sponsors.2. I think a handbag giveaway would be good.3. I love the fabric on this apron and I love the red trim. And the button on the pocket.Thank you so much for doing this contest, Nan! I will definitely be reading your blog from now on, even if you aren’t hosting a giveaway. 🙂

  19. 1. I liked looking at all the different creative things people make.2. I would be iterested in a handbag give-away3. I love the colors of that apron.

  20. 1. I found so many creative people with fantastic products that I may not have found.2. I would love a handbag or baby stuff give away!3. I love the neckline and the little button detail.

  21. 1. I liked finding out about different crafters and their goods, which I would have never done on my own, particularly since I don’t personally blog.2. Even though I am an apron collector, I did enjoy seeing the different totes crafters were making and there seem to be enough to showcase.3. I love the colors in this apron because they are bright and feminine.

  22. 1. I loved discovering new artisans! 2. How about gift ideas, ways to create unique gift!3. The scoop neckline is so nice! Love it!

  23. 1.) I LOVE seeing everyone’s creativity…it gets my creativity juices running!2.) Jewelry. I love handmade jewelry!3.) I have never worn an apron like this. It’s really cute and I can cook knowing I won’t get anything on me.

  24. What a fun time this week has been. Just the anticipation of seeing what the next goodies to be featured would be have made for great fun! Thank-you for introducing us to these wonderfully creative and talented women. I had not heard of any of these before. I would enjoy having a similar experience with handbags or totebags. I love the fit of this apron, so feminine. The fabric is also very attractive.The attention to detail is nice as well in the edging and the pocket with offset button.

  25. 1. I had no idea aprons were on the comeback. And I loved visiting all of the online vendors that I never knew existed. (Could I get list so that I go back and visit ~ and shop?)2. Handbags, handbags, handbags!3. It’s slimming, and I really like the colors!Krista

  26. 1) I enjoyed being introduced to all the creative sites spotlighted.2) Jewlery! 3) The sultry neckline, the fabric, the color combo.Thanks Nan for a wonderful week full of such new beauty!

  27. 1. It was a feast for the eyes to see all the creative ways that people express themselves with different materials…old and new. I’m going to remember these options when gift giving times come around.2. PICTURE FRAMES! As a mom of seven, I can never have enough picture frames and I’d love to own some really unique ones. Other things that would be great…*place mats and tablecloths*holiday decorations*handknitted/crocheted items such as scarfs, hats, sweaters, slippers, mittens, even SOCKS!*birdhouses and birdfeeders*windchimes*jewelry (especially unique things such as vintage button bracelets, handcrafted wire jewelry, etc.)*outdoor decor (wreaths, flags, lawn statues, planters, etc.)*handcrafted/unique organizers (baskets, totes, pencil holders, etc.)*afghans/throws*embellished flipflops or other fun beach/pool accessories*handcrafted/vintage-inspired greeting cards, stationary, gift tags, etc.*handcrafted rugs/door mats*gourmet goodies3. I love the country store meets mid-1900’s kitchen look plus red and blue are the two main colors I decorate with. You combine those factors with the great styling and this apron would fit in great when I’m in my cooking and creating mode. :)Thanks for doing this!

  28. I tried to visit the links for this one, but at etsy could not find Jennifer, and at the other link I could not get past the entry page, very weird. I am will try again later as I wanted to see more that the one apron as it is so cute!I particularly love the sassy pocket with the button – functional but cute.I would love to see quilting featured in a future one, or anything practical for around the house!

  29. #1 I LOVED seeing how many crafty women are out there having fun and making money!!!#2 How about a purse/tote-a-palooza? #3 I have a soft spot for contrasting binding.Thanks for a fun week.

  30. 1. It was fun to see all the creative things ladies are doing with aprons.2. Next I’d like to see purses or gifts. Scarves in the fall?3.The apron pictured has a great neckline.THANKS FOR THE CONTESTS ALL WEEK! It’s bee a lot of fun.

  31. 1. Just looking at all the pretty styles of aprons. Who knew there were so many. I thought an apron is an apron. But I have been reformed.2. Maybe purses or jewelery3. I love the neckline on this apron.

  32. 1. I love seeing the colours! the designs! and that it really is possible to sell homemade items and be successful online :)2. You said it yourself, after aprons come handbags!3. The pocket, the length, the neckline, the colour, everything about this aprons screams “Put it on Kans!!” even if I don’t quite have the figure 🙂

  33. 1. I have loved looking at all the styles of aprons. They are making a comeback and so stylish! I don’t sew so I love to see other people’s work.2. Handbags of course…shoes work too 3. Very girly and functional. The neckline makes this apron. Thanks so much for doing this contest how fun.

  34. I enjoyed seeing proof that the apron is making a comeback. I have been wanting one and not liking what I have been able to find so the Apronpalooza was a chance to see that there are cute yet functional aprons out there.I agree with previous commenters: Handbagpalooza would be great! Why? My youngest child is out of diapers which means there is no longer a reason to carry whatever I need in a diaper bag. I can get — and use — purses now!I like this apron because it looks cute. It is what I have been looking for — functional without looking functional or like a lunchroom lady. Not only is it cute, but I would look cute in it. Thank you for having hosted Apronpalooza. I have enjoyed checking your blog and will be back.

  35. 1. I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful aprons. They are objects of amazing self-expression by the artists who make them.2. BOWS, BOWS, BOWS (Love-Me-Knots!). Feel free to run with my “bags and bows” idea. I love those custom totes.3. The flattering cut, of course!

  36. Hello Nan, Thank you again for hosting this, it has been so much fun!1. Seeing all the creative and beautiful things being made by mommies everywhere. It was inspiring, and came at a perfect time, because I am just learning to sew right now.2. I think handknits, like hats/mittens/gloves/scarves/thingx that don’t require a particular size.Linens, embroidered or lace edged towels, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, quilts.Millinery, hats of any kind, fabric, felt, knit, crocheted.Bath/beauty products that are homemade/handmadeShawls, fabric, knit, crochetedJewelry/Accessories/Hair stuffBaby/Toddler/Child stuff3. I love the neckline, the full coverage, and the red trim.

  37. #1 I love that variety! You have shown me many cool places I may not have found on my own!#2 I would love to see some fun and funky jewelry!#3 I love ALL aprons!!

  38. 1) I’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of aprons out there in the web. I searched on Google a few months ago for aprons…ugh. The results were ugly. Now I have tons of sites to browse!2) I’m dreaming of Handbagpalooza! Ha ha3) Well, it’s super cute! Love: the neckline, the fit, the colors. I like an apron to flatter my curves, not make me look shlumpy. That apron is flattering.

  39. 1. I liked the way you have exposed the great new “apron-makers” on the Web! 2. I just love quilts/quilting–how about a mini quilt contest? 3. I love the vintage fabric in this apron, and the not-so-vintage style!!Thanks for letting me enter your contest!Lynne

  40. 1. I loved seeing all the different possibilities of design and color/fabric choices.2. Quilting or baby stuff3. I really love the neckline of this apron.

  41. 1. I found your blog because of this contest and that is really exciting!2. I would like to see some kind of papercraft highlighted, or baby items!3. I love the cut of this apron- that fitted halter style is way cute- my husband might not let me finish making dinner if I was wearing that! 😉

  42. I know it’s past the deadline, but I wented to thank you SO much for giving a ton of exposure to etsy this week! Once shoppers discover so many treasures over there, it heps us all out!

  43. 1. This contest has been so much fun. I never knew there were so many cute, stylish aprons out there. If I don’t win one, I might have to talk my dh into letting me buy one. I can’t even believe I’m saying that about an apron.2. I would love to see handbags or crocheted items or crocheted handbags.3. I love the color of this apron and the way it fits. Of course it probably wouldn’t look that cute on me, but I’d definitely wear it anyway.

  44. I enjoyed visiting all the sites this week. I might even get out my sewing machine for the first time in years. I wonder if it still works.

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