If you have one of my Apronpalooza! buttons on your blog you may notice that it is now and ugly sign that says “bandwidth exceeded.” I apologize for this. I guess I overstayed my welcome at photobucket this week! LOL

Anyways, feel free to take down those buttons now as I am unable to fix the problem just now… Somebody tell me I don’t have to buy more photobucket bandwidth! Anyone want to let me in on another photo hosting site similar to photobucket where I can go and overstay my welcome? :^D

(Contests still opened below until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tonight… all of them except for the REAL FINAL contest which is opened until Tuesday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m.))

4 thoughts on “Photobucket Problems…

  1. Nan, your best bet might be to save the images to your computer, upload to blogger, then delete from your computer. My favorite tool for posting photos on blogger is Picasa. Picasa is great for finding photos, too, and my kids love to open it to scan through them.

  2. The bandwith was taken up becasue so many other bloggers are using your button and your bandwith. Instead of giving everyone a code with the button and link, your best bet is to let everyone download the graphic to thier own computers and add the link themselves directing it to your blog.Hope this made sense! :-)Blessings,Tiany

  3. I think tiany has the right idea. If you start using another sight it won’t be long until that bandwith is exceeded either. The graphic I used on my post about apronpalooza is still there because I saved the graphic to my computer & added the link. I guess this is a good bad thing to happen, you are just too popular!

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