Before I say anything else I’m going to tell you once again that there will be yet another contest added later today because of my lost brain… Domestic Darlings! So this party isn’t over yet… it just keeps going and going!

I just want to say an especially big thanks to all of the sponsors who made this event possible! You all were incredibly generous and fun to work with! Thanks for letting me show off your work!

Layla Grace
Domestic Darlings
Deanna @ The Apronista
Modern June
The Kitchen Madonna
Darly Bird
Apron Memories
Jump Up and Down
Simple Things
Jessie Steele
Momo’s Retro Fashions
Nana Company: Pretty Little Things
Olive Juice & Co.
Carolyn’s Kitchen
Made by Tess
Practically Necessary
Annie’s Attic
Dustpan Alley
Jennifer at One of Mine

All winners must contact me by clicking the “e-mail me” link in my left sidebar. Make sure to include your full name, address, which contest you are the winner of and what your selection is if you have a choice.
And once you receive your aprons I would LOVE it if you would e-mail me a picture of you wearing it! I hope to make a future post about the winners!

The winner of Contest #1 was jacobr who said… “i think my wife would like the cherries!” Jacobr, your wife will get her pick of the entire Jessie Steele Spring 2007 line of aprons!

The two winners of Contest #2 were:
1) Sandy who posted under her mother’s blogger account (I know this because Sandy happens to be my sister!). Sandy said the following, “My favorite is “Martha.” I prefer the full-length, but I didn’t like any of the fabric she had…Thanks! Sandy” Well, sister… if you don’t absolutely love the apron you have won I can tell you who you can pass it down to… I always love hand me downs you know!! Sandy, you won your choice between “kitty kitty” and the “Caroline.”
2) was Rendy who said, “
Love the vintage aprons – all of them!” You have won the vintage Lord’s Prayer apron!

Winners of Contest #3 – Layla Grace were:
1) For the Retro 1950’s Kitchen Apron by Jessie Steele – Bretta who said, “I would take this home in an instant: Bradshaw Kirchofer Gabrielle Armoire
2) For the Black Damask Apron by Jessie Steele – Biddy who said, “they are all lovely, but the black damask just sends my heart a flutter!”
3) For the Half Ava Cherries Apron by Jessie Steele – Nicole who said, “I seriously gasped outloud when I saw the baby bedding on this post…wow! All the stuff on this website is fantastic. Besides the Black Damask Apron, I must have the Kiwi Paisley apron too.”

The winner of Contest #4 – Carolyn’s Kitchen is Rebecca who said, “I have two pathetic and very ugly aprons in my closet-and let me just say-they are never coming out again. I sure do hope I win ONE of these contests, because-after seeing all that I am missing…sheesh. I will NEVER go back. My favorite thing about Carolyn’s Kitchen is those FABULOUS gloves. Talk about finding a niche! They are just GREAT and I love them. A LOT!” Rebecca, you have won your choice of color in the Carolyn’s Dorothy collection!

The two winners of Contest #5 Apronique are:
1) For the his and hers set of your choice, Lindsey who said, “It doesn’t get much cuter than the Paris toile.”
2)For the chocolate inspired apron Blest who said, “I like the Zebra Babydoll one the best. And I know the Cammie one would be a huge hit if I still lived on base!”

The winner of Contest #6 Darly bird for the Summer in the City apron is LMStephenson who said, “I like the Maude Grace Necklace “

The winners of Contest #7Momo’s Retro Fashions are:
1) Gabriel who said, “I like the Desperate Housewife Fr
ench Country one.” You have won your choice of Momo’s Desperate Housewives line of aprons.
2) Aferguson who said, “How fun! And aprons never looked so good!!! I LOVE the Radical Everyday Houswife one, hot pink and adorable!:o)” You have also won your choice of the Desperate Housewives line of aprons!

The winner of Contest #8 – Apron Memories for a choice between the Mama Mia and the Mary is mmoskwiak who said, “I love the Mary and the notecards. Also, enjoyed reading her story on her website!”

The winners of Contest #9 – Modern June are:
1) For the personalizedYour name here Diner” ChrissyCoole who said, “OMG, how’s a person supposed to pick? I think my fave is The Diner Collection Black Cherry Apron.”
2) For the full black cherries diner apron Terrilynn who said, “It’s a tie between the green apron with the big cupcake and the Momma Polka Dot Apron.”

The winner of Contest #10 – Simple Things is Buhtafly who said, “i love all of the mama bird aprons! how are cute are those! I also love the mother daughter set in the cherry print!” Buhtafly you have won your choice of Randi’s entire apron collection!

The winner of Contest #11 – Jump Up and Down is Cori who said, “The Retro Ric Rac Floral Apron – Light Red and Ivory is my favorite!” You have won the chocolate and pink toile and stripes apron!

The winner of Contest #12 – Olive Juice & Co. For the choice between the beautiful Flossie apron or a custom designed apron just for you, Lynn who said, “These are incredible! I really can’t decide between the Flossie and the Maggie.”

The winner of Contest #13 – Annie’s Attic is Caralyn who said, “Charm is great. This lady’s got an eye for great fabric, don’t you think?” Caralyn you have won the cherries half apron.

The winner of Contest #14 – The Kitchen Madonna is Ventura Mom who said, “Ooohhh…Elisabetta Strolls Fashion Park rocks.” Ventura Mom, you have won your choice between Elisabetta has Espresso with Eloise, The Petite Elisabetta and Pink Crystal Elisabetta.

The winner of Contest #15 – Dustpan Alley. For the cheerful yellow polka-dots apron Lace who said, “Those cow girl pinup aprons are cute. sidenote: I have recently discovered Ree’s blog and I love it also. It makes me want to live in OK!”

The winner of Contest #16 – Made by Tess is Abbie who said, “I love the Lemony Pin Cushion.” Abbie you have won the Think Pink half apron!

The winner of Contest #17 – Domestic Chicky is Village of Many who said, “I love the Apronista Blog! been reading it for a little while. It’s how I found out about Apronpalooza actually. It cheers me up to load her blog up and check out the latest apron finds. Always full of such cute aprons and ideas. Can’t remember if I’ve ever seen her Domestic Chicky site before, but it’s cute as well. Her favicon cupcake is cute too 🙂 Time to add it to my reader, I saw some recipes there to check out later.”

The winner of Contest #18 (listed as FINAL CONTEST) – One of mine is GLH (Barbara) who said, “1. I loved seeing the different ideas, some of which I can alter to fit “my” style. And of course, the FABRICS!! 2. Handbags, and doll or baby quilts. 3. Love the halter neckline, and the navy color. Thanks for sponsoring this! Looking forward to your next Palooza! –Barbara”

So there you have it! And again… I will be posting another contest tonight! Sorry, once again for leaving someone else off. I have scrambled eggs for brains this week.

15 thoughts on “And the winners are……………………………..

  1. Congratulations everyone!! I can’t wait to see you all in your new aprons!! Enjoy the Blessings!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting these contests, it was so much fun and now I have been bitten by the apron bug! I had no idea there were so many wonderful designers and different styles of aprons. Congrats also to all of the winners!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! and to the rest of us…there is still more to come! Have hope!Thanks again Nan!

  4. Thank you to the sponsors and to Nan for hosting this giveaway. Who knew there were so many cute aprons out there. I am telling all my friends to keep watch for the next giveaway.I look forward to receiving my new apron. Hopefully it makes my cooking better.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! That was certainly a fun way to get to know a lot of new vendors. I look forward to future Paloozas of all kinds (and my future chance to win one of those fab prizes!) :-)Thanks Nan, for creating and hostessing such a fun event!

  6. Thank You Nan for all your hard work for giving us apron makers a spot on your blog to shine!!! And for all your hard work Nan I’m making you a “Super New Friend” apron thanks again and God Bless!!!

  7. Congratulations to all the winners! And Nan, thanks again for a fun week of shopping and all the new bookmarks! :~)

  8. Congrats to all the winners – other Rebecca, I thought it was me at first. Nan, thanks again for hosting this. It’s been fun & I know a lot of work for you. Looking forward to the next palooza!

  9. Hey Nan, I bet you are feeling like you are going “ApronpaLOONEY!”Great turnout & congrats to all of the winners.

  10. That was so much fun Nan!! Thanks for going to all the trouble and getting us girls to think a little bit more about our domestic wear. It certainly has made me think a little bit more about putting some money and effort into it! Congratulations to all the winners, and enjoy those gorgeous aprons! Its so great to have a community of women who care about such things, seriously love that!!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun contest! I am so looking forward to receiving the apron that my son Gabriel won for me! I’ll put a picture on my blog.

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