Today we had our yearly church picnic which commemorates the last day of Sunday School for the term. As I was standing outside with my youngest in the stroller, I was laughing as I watched my husband and three older sons running to and fro with 5 gallon buckets on their heads as part of a relay race. I wondered what passers by must think of this motley crew of people on a Dandelion covered field who were running around with buckets on their heads. I’m sure some would shake their heads and say, “I always thought church people were weird but now I know.”

But it was great fun watching this and the kids were having a marvelous time, partly I’m sure because they got to see the “old folks” making idiots of themselves and loving every minute of it (I think.)

As I stood there watching this, enjoying the sunny weather and the cool breeze my right hand made it’s way over to my left hand and I went to fiddle with my engagement ring as I always do, being a type A personality who has to be doing something with her hands. My right index finger was shocked by the sharpness it met with and I had a sudden sinking realization that my diamond was no longer in its setting. I know it was still there when I got to church… but I have no idea exactly when or where it went missing.

It felt just like a Pink Panther movie. There were even people present with French accents. Legitimate French accents though. And the diamond was only 1/4 carot not 200. And the diamond is worth less than the deductable on any insurance that would cover it. But it was special of course.

I still don’t know who bought that ring. Most of you probably know who bought your engagement ring. It has been a mystery these 11 years that I have had it on my finger exactly who paid for it. You see, my husband was a poor seminary student at the time of our engagement… so poor in fact that I had to co-sign on the purchase of this pretty little ring. It was not an expensive ring. Just a tiny little solitaire. My husband was going to have to make payments on it. We were working at a family camp and not really making enough money to do anything with.

A couple of days after we went ring shopping (hadn’t actually purchased anything) and a couple of weeks before my then boyfriend proposed to me, he and I went into the camp office to check his message box. When he came back from his box he brought with him a mysterious white envelope with a type written message inside saying, “This should cover the cost of Nancy’s ring.”

We stared at each other in silence with really dumb looks on our faces. Then I said, “This only happens to missionaries!”

We have speculated on who might have been responsible and we still do not know… I wonder if that person is reading this right now. If so…. Thank you.

32 thoughts on “Bye bye diamond…

  1. What a sweet and touching story! But I am so sad about the unhappiness attached to it. I do hope the stone will appear, perhaps as mysteriously as the money did that paid for it!

  2. OH NO!!! Im so sorry Nan! Sentimental value is crazy high! I lost my solitaire a few years ago too. Only mine fell out and I found it, put it in a baggie along with the other part of my ring so I wouldn’t lose it. Anyway, it must have gotten thrown away or something because the bag was never to be seen again. I felt sick and still do to this day. Den bought me a new one a couple of anniversaries ago, which was so sweet, but the sentimental value of the other one, and the real cost has made me so sad. Sweet story, but so sorry for you. Hopefully you happen across it still!!

  3. OH NAN I’m so sorry! The same thing happened to me, with husband #1, and I was heartbroken. It was a family heirloom and I had lost the diamond. I hope your diamond appears for sentimental reasons. If not I’m sure you can make new memories with a new ring, it will just never quite be the same though. I loved the sentimental story and maybe someday you will find out who the wonderful donor was. Many hugs my friend.

  4. And my one carat heirloom solitaire flanked by still more heirloom diamonds got made into some nice honey whole wheat rolls. Or so we think. I searched in the trash, under the fridge and the dishwasher, and in the vacuum bag. It’s gone. My little $80 gold band has sat in its place for the past two years. No sentimental value there :(Sorry yours went missing, too.

  5. OH NO! I’m so sorry to hear you lost your diamond. yikes. What a great story – you really have some wonderful friends watching out for you!I lost my ring last summer at the Salt Lake City airport (I had put my ring in my pocket like an idiot)…fortunately, it was insured and I was able to get it replaced – but it isn’t the same as having my original.

  6. Oh that is sad. The story behind your ring is very beautiful, how generous of that mystery giver. I do hope that the ring is found. If not you will still have the memory of your original. I have yet to lose my ring but have come very close. Hubby lost his & we had to replace it with a cheapy that ended up turning colors. :/ One of these days I’d like to get him a new nice one.

  7. Wow! I’m amazed at how many have lost their rings or had their diamonds fall out…I’m having fun going online “ring shopping” though. LOL Never thought I’d be going ring shopping again! Just getting ideas…

  8. What a sweet story about your ring, sorry it has a sad ending though. I’m sure it happened for a reason, everything does. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it showed up again? If it does I say you turn it into a necklace.I don’t know if it’s still there, but at they used to let you “design” your own ring. Have fun!

  9. oh no.. i am so sad… my ring is small as well, but it went for resizing and they had thought for 2 months that they had lost it.. I was devastated!!!! So sorry!!!

  10. ahhh, sad – mine fell out but was discovered in the house by the then six-year-old. Has yet to be re-set, though. I HAVE it, and I know that is why I have not felt compelled to replace or fix it – I wear an Avon Special – ha. So sad, but a wise kimbie comment “you can make new memories with a new ring, it will just never quite be the same though.” It is amazing how many lost stone stories here – says something about the traditional four-prong setting we poor young marrieds all wore!

  11. Nan, I’m so sorry about your ring, but that’s a great story. We have a quite interesting wedding ring story, too, and I’m thinking you’ve inspired me to post it.My button looks kind of lonely in your sidebar. I’m hoping the others show up again soon. 🙂

  12. Oh Nan, I am so sorry! I never knew the story behind your ring. That is SO cool. I have a friend who’s diamond was lost in the washing machine. Months later, she found it outside by the curb in her neighborhood. My aunt lost her’s at work and someone had it stuck in the bottom of their tennis shoe…so, miracles DO happen! Have fun ring shopping, and maybe someday you will come across your sentimental solitaire. What a loss!

  13. The story of how you got your ring is so sweet. Im sorry you lost the stone. That happened to my mother. Even though her and my father are no longer married to one another, I know its still bothers her to this day. As Trina said, sentimental value is priceless.

  14. forgot to add that I pray it returns to you! Mum lost hers in the frozen peas lots! They are such sentimental things.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your ring. I hope you find your diamond soon.We were also poor Bible college students when we got engaged. My Mom slipped her old wedding set (my biological father died when I was a baby) to future DH. He took the ring and had it reset for me. That’s the only way he could afford a ring for me.

  16. Nan, I’m so sorry that happened. Bummer. It’s funny that you tell this story, because last Friday I took my dh’s wedding ring into the jewellers to get re-rounded (is that a word? It was all wonky and oval-shaped because he kept it on at work). They said it’ll cost about $10 to fix it. I asked her to look at my engagement ring to see if they could re-round that, too. She said, “You’ve got one claw snapped off and the others are loose. You don’t HAVE to get it fixed, but if you don’t, I wouldn’t wear the ring because you should have lost the diamond by now.” Sigh. She also said that the rings were wearing on each other and I should get them sautered together (I have no idea how to spell sautered, sorry). Total cost: just over $100. So my $10 fix turned into WAY more than that. Anyway, I say all this to just mourn a little with you, ’cause that could have been me with the missing diamond. 😦

  17. So sorry to hear about your ring. Although you can recognize that it is just a “thing”, it is a very important “thing” to the wearer. That is such a neat story of God’s provision in all things; thanks for sharing it.Enjoy ring shopping!

  18. I’m so sorry to hear about your diamond. That happened to me – twice! My center stone is a princess cut made up over four smaller stones and twice I lost some of them. It just gives you a pit in your stomach, doesn’t it? In my ring the setting was faulty and ultimately the store gave me a brand new ring with a new and improved setting. I was a little sad at first (having to give up the ring Dave proposed with), but then I realized I couldn’t live with the constant fear of looking down and seeing the stones were gone.You never know – someone might find it!

  19. I was not even married 2 years when I looked down at my ring and saw no more diamond.We were living in Iceland so it was hard to replace-waited unitl we were back in the states to buy a small promise ring as my new diamond ring.That happenned 20 years ago and now I wear cubic zirconia!

  20. So sorry to hear of the loss.:-(My sweet Hubby took me to have my ring re-sized/cleaned, etc.. three years ago (for our 16th anniversary). They looked at my ring and warned me that I needed the prongs replaced ASAP. I was relieved to realize I hadn’t lost my diamond even though I was very close to doing so.I suggest to all of you future readers of these comments that you have your ring inspected and cleaned every 5 years or so…just to be sure.

  21. That’s such a aweet story about the kindness of others. I really do hope that you find your diamond.

  22. I’m so very sorry. :-(There was a time in my life when an occurrence such as that happening would have saddened me so deeply. Not that I wouldn’t still miss it if I lost my ring, but God truly has taught me over the years that it’s the jewels he places in my heart that are eternally lasting; the gold nuggets of His truth that He has taught me which bear long lasting fruit with eternal consequences. Plus, it’s not totally out of the question that you might even yet find the diamond. Shortly after my marriage to my dh, I lost the diamond from my ring in my dd’s bed. I’d gone to lie with her in the night when she had a bad dream. The next day we discovered it missing, and I was terribly morose, having no clue when or where I’d lost it. My dh prayed, and the Holy Spirit led him to search my dd’s bed, and he found the diamond. Talk about a needle in a haystack!

  23. Oh Nan, I am so sorry you lost your diamond. Hopefully you will soon have a new diamond and it will come with lots more memories.

  24. Sweet story! Do you just *LOVE* the world! I’m sorry that the diamond is gone but I sure would consider having the setting melted into…maybe a heart or cross..

  25. Hi Nan,I lost my diamond too, just this past December on Vacation in Florida. We searched that condo with a fine tooth comb, knowing that there was no chance of it just ‘turning up’ at a later date! No luck. When Nate and I first got engaged, like I mean that very night out in a park and while walking back to the car, it fell off my finger (it was too big) and we had to drive the car up in the park and use the headlights to find it. Which we did! And I got it sized first thing the next morning, not even wearing it to church! And now…well, I had been wanting one a little, well, bigger. More substnatial. But until we earn that first million I’m just wearing the teeny tiny wedding band, alone. At least we still have our men!

  26. I can’t keep up with all your posts… huff pufff, feet killing me,,, chase after the lunch box.oh….so sad… need to have my teeny weeny diamonds checked b4 they fall out too.check inside your purse.

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