First off, thank you to all who consoled me about the loss of my diamond. As much as I would love to have found it out there in that enormous field where I am betting a gopher will be the most likely finder of it, it is just a thing and things can be replaced. The story behind it was what made it so special as you know. At least I still have the story. Now what do you think I should do with the setting? I ought to have it melted down and turned into something but what? I could have my wedding band melted down with it too… Have no clue what to do there… I’m open to good ideas!

We are going to just replace the ring altogether with something that is white gold or platinum because I never wear yellow gold except for my wedding ring anyway and I’ve always sort of wished that we had gone for white gold way back when.

Secondly, Carolyn West of Carolyn’s Kitchen would like me to extend a special thanks to all of you for the wonderful feedback on her aprons. Carolyn would love to stay in touch with her customers…she has just added a newsletter sign up at her site. Please add yourself to the mailing list if you would like to keep up with her latest designs!

Thirdly, and this is plain out of left field because it has nothing to do with anything (but my blog is sort of like Seinfeld by the fact that normally it’s pretty much a blog about nothing.) My youngest son is 20 months old and is sleeping in the bottom bunk. His 3 1/2 year old brother sleeps in the top bunk. It’s really great having the kids in pairs like this because I have a built in policeman and monitoring system. The older child is required to let us know if the younger and more mischievious brother is doing something naughty. This system came in handy when the older two were the same age. My second son was famous for climbing bookshelves (short ones!) after being tucked into bed. His big brother saved him more than once by sounding the alarm!

Last night the “baby” was beginning to climb out of his bed as he is wont to do and I heard a bit of hanky panky going on in there. So I asked aloud, “Is your little brother in bed?” I hear him lean over the edge to check.

The answer came back, “Umm… his head his…. but his feet isn’t.” At which point Jr. Escape Artist knew he had been caught and immediately scurried back up all the way into his bed. Head, feet and all. I just loved the answer my three year old gave!

10 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. How do you get your kids to behave in the same room like that? We have three year old twin boys who have always shared a room, are used to each other, and cause their own share of trouble. I’d like to put their 22 month old brother in with them, but when we tried it for a week, the carnage and mayhem was just too much. My twins got in the crib with the younger son and, since they never figured out how to get out of their cribs, were all stuck there, screaming, until we came to rescue them. Then there was the giggling and laughing and excitement. AND NO SLEEPING. How do you teach the older ones to respect the rights of the younger to a little bit more sleep in the morning? To at least keep it down to a dull roar?

  2. Your 3 year old sounds like a well behaved little guy….my 3 yr old would have been the one getting out of bed and giggling like a mad girl.

  3. Sorry about your ring. I lost my wedding ring for about a month. Bad thing is that it was Matt’s great-grandmother’s ring who died in the flu epidemic of 1919. Her initials along with her husbands were engraved… It is a wide gold band with a solitaire on it… I finally found it, wedged under my dishwasher. I was so relieved. That is adorable “but his feet isn’t” loved that.

  4. Hahaha…I can’t believe your little man is sleeping in a bed. I know I know I am probably the only November Mommy who still has her baby in a crib, however he sleeps great in it. So why spoil a good thing, but still, it makes me ponder….LOL!

  5. I’m with Trina… Baby Bear is almost 20 months, and she’s not shown any signs of climbing out just yet. I’m not complaining. Her cousin, who is 6 weeks younger, climbed out of her crib and graduated to a twin bed at 15 months.

  6. That is so great to have a little tattle tail/tale {?} in the bedroom. I was gonna say to keep encouraging that for all of them when they go to school but you home school so that takes care of that. 😛 As far as your ring goes I’m glad you aren’t to upset about it. It is a thing that can be replaced & you still have the memory. As far as melting down whats left I don’t know. Maybe you can have it melted into some kind of pendant to put on a necklace or a charm if you have a charm bracelet. Let us know what you end up doing.

  7. So sorry to hear about your ring, but I hope you have fun picking out your new one.Love the story about your kids. My mom had a similar set up when I was a kid. Gotta love those bunk beds!

  8. I have nine and seven year old boys who share a bunk bed. We never have to ask if one of them is out because 1)We always hear the *thump, thump* of their feet hitting the floor, and 2)the one remaining in bed ALWAYS tells on the escapee.

  9. An idea for what to do with your gold… My mother-in-law gave my husband her promise ring for me to wear when he was ready to give it to me. It makes for a very special tradition.However, I know you have four sons, and chances are, you don’t want to single one out. But if there’s enough to make thin gold bands, you can perhaps make one for each and give it to them when they’re dating/courting the girl they’re going to marry.Just a thought. 🙂

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