The winner of the Nana Company Contest for her choice out of all of the Nana Co. aprons is: dixie who said, “I like the Mod Pink Peony.”

The winner of the Domestic Darlings Contest, for her pick of their entire selection of adorable aprons is: Mama Chanoli who said, “Oh, the blue floral paisley is too sweet! Itsa my favorite :)”

If you are Dixie or Mama Chanoli, e-mail me a.s.a.p. so I can pass your information (and your choice) along to the sponsor of the contest! I will need your full name, address and your selection! I’m so happy for you both!


In other news….
There are a handful of apron winners from last week’s festivities who I don’t think have contacted me. If you are on this list, please contact me via e-mail by Tonight at midnight or I will do a redraw for the apron you have won. I am not doing this to be mean but I have to finish up with all of the giveaway “stuff” soon as Summer is coming on and life is getting increasingly more hectic. Not to mention it is harder for me to keep track of all of the information without my own computer. So please contact me if you are one of these people. If you are on this list and you did contact me, I apologize for not having received it somehow but try again and make sure to tell me which contest you are the winner of (which item and the company name of the contest you won).

ChrissyCoole – Modern June personalized “Marie’s Diner” apron
Buhtahfly – Simple Things, choice of collection
Blest – chocolate inspired apronique apron
aferguson – Desperate Housewives apron of your choice from Momo’s Retro Fashions
Rendy – vintage Lord’s prayer apron from Practically Necessary
Cori – Chocolate and pink, Toile and stripes Jump Up and Down apron
Lynn – Olive Juice & Co. “Flossie” or custom apron

9 thoughts on “New Contest Winners and Winners who never contacted me…

  1. Is it wrong that I am secretly hoping one of them is not able to blog/respond today so I get a chance to win? Yes I know it is… forgive me for sharing my evil thoughts. 🙂

  2. haha….i was going to say the same thing lauren did above!!! i have never owned an apron and am really looking forward to it now!! 🙂

  3. ok, i thought of a way to take the evil out… i am hoping that CORI and/or LYNN had a million dollars just dropped into their lap and they are laying out on a remote island sipping a cool drink soaking up the sun!! 🙂

  4. Well, I really did think it was in the stars for me to win the “Flossie” but I promise I didn’t do anything to Lynn…

  5. Is it a cooincidence that 2 of my favorites are not crossed out yet? I know I’m jinxing myself, but hey… if I don’t win I will have to drop some serious hints for Birthday or Christmas gift ideas. Or tell hubby that reimbursement for his next 2 or 3 haircuts (yes, I clip his hair myself. scary, but true!) should be a nifty apron…

  6. Ooohh, I’m with you Lauren. It must be fate since a couple of my faves are not taken yet. There’s still hope!!!

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