I’m sorry (for them) that I did not hear from four of my first string winners! Unfortunately, it is important that we wrap things up with Apronpalooza! and get these aprons into their new homes! If you were a first string winner who did not respond, lose not hope, there will be more giveaways on the horizon! For future reference though it is quite important that I hear from my winners within the first couple of days after the contest. I will make those deadlines clearer next time. :^)

The new winners are as follows:

For the Modern June personalized embroidered, “Marie’s Diner” apron, the winner is Mommy Dearest who said, “The Cupcake Collection Sweet Jane Bib Apron. I made cupcakes tonight – I think this is a sign!

For her pick of Momo’s “Desperate” line of aprons, my own friend, Suzanne Hannah who said, “Its A Party Everyday Housewife Apron is adorable! love the ruffles on the bottom!”

For the pink and brown, toile and stripes from Jump Up and Down, Rach who said,”Okay .. THIS is the one I want to win! I simply L.O.V.E. pink and brown together and this one is super adorable. I found the striped one adorable as well. Nan, you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world. I had no clue aprons were so much still in style.”

For her choice between the Flossie or a custom apron made just for her Leah Belle who said, “You are right. These aprons are amazing. I like the Ella Rose the best, but would be thrilled to wear any of them.”

If you are one of these ladies please e-mail me with your information as soon as possible!

11 thoughts on “NEW WINNERS!!!

  1. Okay, but if you still don’t hear from Leah Belle about that Flossie apron, it should really be mine…

  2. YAY for the new winners! Maybe if we leave nice little comments and the new winners don’t claim their prizes, we can get them! HAHA

  3. Woo hoo! You are so hearing from me! I’ll shoot you an email with my contact info – thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was so hoping to win one of those Olive Juice aprons on the second time around…but oh well! Congrats to the very lucky winners, and thanks to the sponsors for their generosity!

  5. That is THE apron I longed for all week, and yay .. now it’s mine! :DThanks so much Nan. Sorry to the other winners for taking to long to email .. but I’m sure counting my lucky stars. 😀

  6. I am kicking myself for missing this! Sheesh, take a little bloggy reading break and look what it gets me, not an apron that’s for sure! lol.

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