I mean. Don’t you? Doesn’t everybody feel this way once in a while? (If you wonder about the mascara, it was running because I was crying laughing.)

And who among us doesn’t feel all stuffed up and like a vise is squeezing our brains so that they are about to squirt out our ears?

I know I do. Frequently. Apparently kids feel that way now and then too.

Look at us. We look like we just saw a UFO.

This poor child has a splitting headache. And yet he smiles.

Kids can be so “in your face” can’t they? The little stinkers.

My husband always told me I was cheeky.

Awww… in’nt he the cutest?! I know it’s only a face a mother alien could love. But he’s MY little alien, dagnabbit!

Photobooth rocks!

And just because I’m just so pickin’ insecure that you all might think I actually go out looking like that, which was just after a sweaty morning walk (since I apparently am willing to show myself to the world wide web in that fashion) here is me right now… had to keep my sunglasses on because you are all so hot! [the real reason is that I have no make up on and I look like a hag without the sunglasses. But you all are hot of course.]

21 thoughts on “The scary part is that sometimes I actually feel like this…

  1. Your pictures are hysterical! It doesn’t just look like you just saw a UFO…it looks like you came out of the UFO. I think I have seen a UFO, but that’s beside the point. I would be so addicted to doing that with pictures! How fun.

  2. P.S. Your trip sounds wonderful! I cannot wait to hear all about it when you return. Also, I must say that I am a teensy-weensy jealous. Drink a Val’s chocolate malt for me!

  3. Whoa! The picture of the “splitting headache” with the whole third eye thing is so creepy!But, Gosh, that looks fun!When you get a chance, I have a million blog questions. Like, what’s a “meme”?

  4. Let me see, do I ever feel like that? Hmmm……well, I have 7 DC, so I’ll let you decide!And I second the meme question, is that like a tag or something?God Bless,Amber (new to Blogger)

  5. For a long time I had no idea what the heck a meme was other than something about “ME ME”. ;^P But it’s not. It’s a real word. Go figure.I learned more than I wanted to about the word Meme here at Wikipedia. And once you read that whole definition I bet you will know more about the word “meme” than half the people who are using it on the web! :^DOr for the short answer click here.HTH

  6. Those are fun pictures. Your kids will always remember you took the time to do stuff like that. You look lovely, by the way.

  7. PhotoBooth is a hoot! I can’t get my kids to leave it alone. Once they discovered it, they couldn’t get enough. Beware the addiction. 😉

  8. Ok, I read the meme definition and actually understand it according to blogworld.But. . . [blushing ignorantly].. . what’s a tag?

  9. Where was son #3? Was he freaked out and didn’t want any part of the silliness? Can’t say I blame him, seeing his mother and brothers looking like something from Star Wars!It does look like fun though.Grandma O.

  10. Yes, #3 would have no part of it until the very end and then only if we were using a semi-normal setting. None of this alien head business for him.

  11. What’s even better than Photobooth is the Comic Book thing on Mac. These two are the only 2 apps I know how to use on Mac.Don’t miss out on it! Your boys will thank you.

  12. I have done those pics on a friends computer. They are so funny! I giggled and giggled when we did them! I wanted her to send me mine to post but she erased them…BTW…love the photo of you in the sunglasses, very pretty!

  13. Those pics made my crying 2yo stop crying and start laughing. THANK YOU!p.s. Is Photobooth only available for a Mac? We have a Dell. (don’t hate me)

  14. Ha!! My sis & her hubby {just a few weeks ago when he was still her fiance} did photo booth on my grandma’s computer and one photo looked like she was eating his head. I think the last one of your little alien guy is super cute.

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