Check out my hunka hunka burnin’ love. Isn’t he dreamy?

Even though he sleeps next to me, I lay awake at night just contemplating how handsome is the studly creature next to me. Who can blame me?

I mean, he is so wonderful, so good for me, a saint among saints, it’s almost as if heavenly beams exude from him wherever he goes. How can I not revel in his wonderful hunkiness?

We are just one dadgum stinkin’ happy couple. I love him mostly because of pictures like these. He’s the quintessential picture of masculinity.
(Oh, and I think he likes me mostly for my teeth. Aren’t they gorgeous? In a horsey kind of way I mean?)

5 thoughts on “I'm sorry… but I can't help myself…

  1. Just so everyone knows the only comments I ever can are comments that are meant for the can and those would be SPAM. And that’s what that one above was. :^)

  2. You crack me up.I don’t know HOW you make these pictures but they are pretty cool. The thing that puts them over the TOP are the words you put with them.It isn’t often I laugh OUT LOUD at things on the computer, mostly I just kinda smirk. But these, oh yeah-they were audible! 😉 HILARIOUS!

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