Can you all do me a favor? Scroll down to June 10th to my story about losing my diamond, entitled “Bye Bye Diamond.” When I look at it on the main page it appears to have a large grey box covering about 1/3 of it. But when I hit the time stamp to get to just that post with all the comments, the whole thing appears, no grey block.

Does everyone else see this grey box? Or is it just my computer playing tricks on me? What the heck could it be? Is it some sort of alien censorship program that doesn’t want me finding out who bought my original engagement ring because it was really sent down from Mars and the reason it went missing is because they froze the planet, wiped all of our memories and smashed my ring setting with a martian rock, installed a martian bug under my skin which has since cursed me with a perpetually self-populating zit colony on my jawline, and stole back my diamond because they don’t want it being discovered that there are diamonds on Mars, thus instigating a massive interplanetary diamond rush which would mean the desolation of the fair red planet?

Or is it just some sort of Blogger fluke? That would be absurd, unheard of, unthinkable, inconceivable and just plain bizarre though.

What is that thing and why is it on my blog and how do I make it go away and never come back?

17 thoughts on “Strange things are afoot at the Lunchbox Cafe'…

  1. LOL! Well, I’m glad it’s only here… but sheesh, it’s weird. My hubby sees it too so I know I’m not nutso. (And he’s much too serious to be nutso… but you can tell that from looking at him in the post below right?) ;^P

  2. No grey box for me, but the stuff in the far right column covers some of the center column and always has. I assume it doesn’t do that for everyone. I do not understand these things. The playlists on my blog were covering my posts for some people, but not most. I never could figure out why or how to fix it, so I just moved one playlist and temporarily got rid of the other. It’s so frustrating!

  3. No gray box–but your gray post box does cover some of the writing in your sidebar–has for a long time. Don’t you wish someone had told you that before now? I assume it’s not like that on your end. And no, I don’t have the iBook. I’m honestly not sure what we have–AOC or something like that. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Hmm… I don’t even know what my gray post box is! LOL Do you mean my main post text section? This is very strange. I feel terrible knowing that my blog design might be looking so wonky to everyone else but me! LOL Not sure what to do about it… I imagine it might have to do with diferent people’s screen resolutions, etc… I wonder if it’s wonky for everyone?

  5. Yes, I do see a large grey box, but it’s in your most recent post, not June 10. FWIW, I think Blogger is being temperamental, as some photos I just posted keeping randomly disappearing.

  6. WEIRD! Shauna thanks for that insight! I’m glad it’s not just me. I mean, I knew I wasn’t going nuts but I was starting to wonder if my new computer hated me as much as my old one did! I hope Blooger gets their ducks back in a row!

  7. Nan,I think your bloggy problems may be related to web browsers. Your site looks great when I view it with (my normal) Firefox, but when I view it with Internet Explorer, it looks really wonky. With IE there is a large empty space above your first post, and the right column overlaps the center. Not sure what it looks like with Safari…hubby is currently working on his Mac. (I had problems with my blog and IE a couple of months ago when I changed templates. We had to adjust column widths in order to rectify this with Internet Explorer.)

  8. Thanks Heather. I just discovered that when another reader sent me a screen shot of what it looks like with IE. I wonder IE has so many problems like this?! Crazy. I think I’ll talk to my blog designer and see if she knows of any fixes for all of the poor IE folks who read my blog.Thanks for all of your insight folks! :^D

  9. I use Firefox and your blog looks completely normal. The only thing I see is the last few posts, some of your pictures are missing and replaced by Photobucket (bandwidth exceeded)buttons.

  10. No grey block….I’m using IE right now and there is a big blank space under the header before you get to your most recent post, I think it’s always looked like that plus, your column on the right overlaps with the center where the post is…..the part in red on the right that lists your posts, quote and some buttons on the side.Don’t know if that helps or not.

  11. I’m using Firefox and your blog looks fine, no grey box or any overlapping. I had a similar problem at my blog with a YouTube video sitting in the middle of a post, actually more in the middle of my screen, where it wasn’t supposed to be, I hit refresh a number of times and it finally went back to it’s rightful post. I see you have YouTube videos as well, maybe that could be the problem? Strange…

  12. It might have to do with your browser. I’ve noticed my blog looks different when I open it in my mozilla browser than in my internet explorer browser. I don’t know a whole lot about computers, though. I just have fun using them:)

  13. It is weird. I use Firefox on an iMac and do see the box, but it isn’t there when I look at your site on Flock or Safari.

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