6 thoughts on “Food for thought:

  1. Ok, so no one is commenting… I can’t leave something that you would file in Christian life left with no comment. I’m not sure I totally get it… I’m a loser that way but it’s something I’m going to ponder – until I see you – and then we can talk more about it. Have a blessed day! p.s. your big bro is having us over for dinner tomorrow – we just have to bring the food – fun!

  2. Aww Mama Chanoli, you are so sweet! LOL :^D My hubby was like, “What?”That’s okay. It was just a concept that I was ruminating on about my spiritual life / the disciplines of grace at times.When self-discipline dies (or I murder it with my out of whack priorities) I tend to become self-loathing, self-flagellating, self-depricating (etc…) and I think I sometimes almost feel as if this self-deprication is a satisfactory replacement or place holder for my self-discipline which I fancy will resurrect on its own at some point, when in fact it is obviously not. That self-deprication just makes me feel better in a sense that at least I *feel* badly for my lack of self-discipline and it tides me over until the “guilt” (or more appropriately labeled, conviction) fades and I notice less and less the absence of my self-discipline.Basically I was thinking the other night upon my attitude towards my own lack of self-discipline… that what is left in its place when it is gone (or dead as the case may be) I am directionless/forlorn and turn instead to self-depricating because though it doesn’t have any of the true spiritual benefits of self-discipline… I know that sometimes, sadly, I prefer it to actually getting right to the heart of it and changing my behaviors/habits. I’m sure the phrase could use some refinining. It was just the off the cuff summation of what I was contemplating.:^D Thanks for posting a response though!

  3. Hmmm…good food for thought! There are so many things I want to be disciplined about, that I have a hard time choosing. But really all are important. Thanks for explaining, though, I really didn’t get it without the comments!

  4. Does the self deprication manifest itself in a particular way? I lack a ton of self discipline so I’m wondering if I’m trying to cover it by doing something similar. Just want to let you know you’re not alone… Perhaps…

  5. Oh, well… I tend to just feel bad about what I am failing to do (be it maintaining a healthy schedule, exercise, reading my Bible) and leave it at that rather than actually taking action to become a more disciplined individual… And then I will have spurts of good behavior… it just never seems to morph into routine or habit. Ya know?It’s that whole Pauline, “Who will rescue me from this body of death” problem of, “I want to do what I know I should do but the very think I don’t want to do, I do!” **sigh** Nan

  6. Okay, I don’t even know you and you’re totally freaking me out because you have completely described my own behavior!I am the least self-disciplined person I know (for things I don’t WANT to do) and you nailed my pattern.ShEEEpers! I’ve got some thinking to do! Thanks a LOT for the new distraction. I just have to contemplate while I’m attacking my toilets instead of while I’m beating myself up for NOT attacking my toilets in a more timely manner… right?

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