And I’m sure you are really tired of getting daily reminders about how much of a nut I am but… well, I’m not tired of it yet. No. Not so much.

This is a perfectly good form of entertainment for when you are totally bored out of your gourd and you can’t think of anything you would like to do because all of your reality t.v. shows and medical shows and dead end sitcoms are either permanently cancelled or running reruns for the next few millenia months. Really. This is the thing to do on such an ocassion when you look around your house and find that you are alone with your laundry and your dishes and you would rather stay out of whatever room they are in.

Really. It’s good clean and mature fun. Very mature. Not in the “for mature audiences only” way. But you know… your kids would think you were weird, so grown up and refined are you when you do something like this.

I really need help. I need a hobby. I need… um… to do dishes.

6 thoughts on “I'm sure you've had enough of this…

  1. Well, okay… there’s that little point too Karisma! ;^P (You’re so right… How often do other SAHMs of four kids get out?) I’m going out for a haircut today… does that count?

  2. Oh these are soo funny! Thanks for sharing! Did you notice in the top one it looks like your hubby is doing sit-ups? That makes it even funnier as I am sure he is just in a recliner!!

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