What’s the the word for “runner up to happy woman?” After over a year of reading her blog and participating in all but one of her contests (for a blouse that wouldn’t have fit me) I finally received an honorable mention from Ree! I can finally no longer whine and complain of having never received an honorable mention even. So, now I officially don’t totally stink at her contests quite as much as I have up until now. Maybe the clouds are lifting, the weather is shifting — my future looks a little brighter. There is now hope that I could someday actually win!

Of course then I went and entered my acceptance speech of the honorable mention under my son’s name because my oldest boy entered her contest yesterday so his name was still in the name field and I forgot to change it.

Yup… here’s another post that proves just how much I need to get out more. ((sigh))

3 thoughts on “I can die a happy woman! (well… almost)

  1. Congrats, Nan. I’m not even clever enough to enter any of Ree’s contests! (I like your contests better…just pick an apron.)

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