Something about getting a new haircut makes me feel fresh and clean and like a new woman. It’s probably because I go for so many months between haircuts. (How often do you wait between haircuts? I don’t know what normal is… maybe my every 6 months is normal?) All I know is that I feel something like a shaggy dog when I walk in and I feel like a cute, sassy and too young to have four children waiting for me at home, chica when I walk out. And then I get home and feel my age again. Almost.

A good haircut is always going to perk me up when I’m feeling drab. I hate to be so shallow but the truth is, a new outfit or a little embellishment of some sort has similar powers. My Mom probably cannot believe that I am such a girly girl now. I mean, I want to buy more skirts and dresses and I host apron extravaganzas on my blog for heaven’s sake.

Surely my Mom just prayed that some man would eventually have me those days when I spent hour upon hour up in a tree wearing soccer shorts, a t-shirt, non-matching socks and a beat-up, but much loved pair of “tennies.” Surely she prayed for my very soul and hoped that I would one day dress like a feminine woman when I went through my grunge stage in highschool… when my favorite “jacket” was a shortened and frayed top of a uniform from the U.S. Army with the last name “Sensabaugh” inscribed above the pocket which I sometimes wore with a pair of cut off flannel mens pajama bottoms or something equally unkempt, always, of course, paired with my black Doc Martin boots. When I wasn’t wearing an outfit like this, it was baggy pants and oversized t-shirts.

I remember at one point my father said to me, “How do you ever expect a boy to like you when you wear Dungarees?” To which I responded with a blank stare and then a question, “What the heck are Dungarees?” My mother shouted from the other room, “Bob! You’re dating yourself!”

He, of course could not help his commentary. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with regards to bluntness and honesty. His mother, my same dear and wonderful Grandma who when we told her what we were naming our third child (yet to be born) said without pause, “That’s okay. You still have time to change your mind.” I love her for it because we actually did change our minds and our third boy just wouldn’t be the same with that other name… this same woman around the same time that my father hit me with the Dungaree comment told me that I needed to attend Charm School.

She was greeted with a similar response that my Dad was. “What the heck is Charm School?” She replied, “Oh, you go and learn manners and how to sit properly and how to walk across a room with a stack of books on your head and that sort of thing. It will help you make a better impression on the boys.”

Oh, if only Grandma and Dad knew, despite my bedraggled attire I still somehow managed to make an impression on the boys.

All this to say that Grandma would probably be proud and amazed that I have turned out to be SUCH a girl. Of course she might also possibly be mortified that I include a whole slew of perfect strangers in on the fact that I am nutty enough to make a highly dramatized flip book of myself being attacked by a looming hand…

So, I love my new haircut. That’s all I really wanted to say. I just took the long way around.

25 thoughts on “I love getting a haircut…

  1. Yes! Me too! Except I syle my hair better I just can’t cut it. And I wish I could go out lookin’ all snazzy after the cut but I have hair everywhere!! And it’s noticable – and scratchy… Cute ‘do for you!! Mmmmm… Doesn’t a shake from Val’s sound good?

  2. You’re killing me! I just so happen to be starving right now… I’m like Pavlov’s dogs. I’m salivating for Val’s now. Mmmmmmmm… Can’t wait to hang out!

  3. Ooh I like your hair, it’s really cute!I’m due for a haircut, but am waiting until right before I go out of town to see my family.

  4. Very cute!I also go at least 6 months, if not more. I have curly hair and don’t trust most beauticians to do anything more than trim the ends.

  5. Your hair is adorable! I can always tell when its about time to get my highlights touched up. Its not just the dark roots either. I start to look really tired. I have kinda high maintenance hair. I get it cut every six weeks and have highlights done every three months. My hair dresser is a church friend and she’s not afraid to tell me I need to come see her. LOL

  6. SIX MONTHS??? ohhhh, how I wish I could go six months!! I see my hairdresser every six WEEKS and sometimes that seems too long..lolI do however love your new haircut and have to say…not sure how old you are but you certainly do not look old enough to have FOUR kids!!!

  7. your haircut is so good! haircuts are my therapy. seriously, i get one every 8 weeks. my hair stylist stacks up all the dirty mags and i relax as she grooms my tresses. my hair is getting shorter every 2 months but i don’t care. if i stopped getting my hair cut i would have to check in somewhere. okay, that’s enough info ๐Ÿ™‚ julie

  8. Nan, you look great! Your post reminds me so much of my sister; or should I say, YOU remidn me so much of my sister! She was the same way in high school, and today…you couldn’t find a girlier girl, lol! And she is raising 2 boys. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. oh that is precious! and i too love getting my hair cut (like once a year…maybe). of course, after the first couple of days, it goes back into a knot until the next hair cut…

  10. You are adorable, and your hair cut is nice too! Personally, Im lucky to get one once a year and then Im never satisfied and cut a bit more myself anyway. My curls are too unruly and won’t listen to anyone else.

  11. “We wear our dungarees…way down below our knees.We don’t go out with boys, we play with Tinkertoys”from a song when I was kidso I know Dungarees.I get my hair cut every few months — I wish I could afford it every month. But I spend too much money on art supplies etc.Loved your boys blog today.

  12. Nan, you look adorable. Would you be shocked to know that my hairdresser says his average client goes to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks (like the woman, above, said). I go every four months (sometimes three). Having curly hair I can get away with it a little more, but I tend to damage it getting it straight. ๐Ÿ™‚ You do look cute!!!!

  13. I know exactly what you mean about the new ‘do’, as my Nanny called it. It’s amazing the transformation that takes place in the way we feel about ourselves following a new haircut. It’s as if the hair dresser removes hair and instills confidence all in the same whack (no pun intended!).I love your ‘do’, and you are adorable and really don’t look old enough to have 4 boys at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You all are so sweet! Thank you. I am always changing my hairstyle but I actually really really like this one. I might actually get it two or more times in a row! It’s so versatile.Okay and you every six weeks ladies… hats off to ya! This is why I will not let myself get highlights or my “personal maintenance” bills would jump from about $300 a year to about $1200 a year! LOL (those are of course just rough estimates.) I think I might be in trouble.

  15. Wow! It is super cute AND you honestly do not look like a mother of four. And how do you survive with all that masculinity there? I’m like you though…I go every 4-5 months before I get a cut/dye/or what ever. It’s just not a priority to me. As long as I don’t look like a raggamuffin ๐Ÿ˜‰ I feel like there are so many better ways to spend the time and money.

  16. Loved this post! I tend to go a long time without a haircut, too. As we drove home from sweating in the sun during FBA (VBS) set up, I told my husband, “that’s it, the hair has GOT to go…” and got 8 inches cut off at Great Clips. Your new ‘do is adorable!

  17. A new (good) haircut always makes you feel good! Yours looks SO cute, I love it!I get mine done about every 6-8 weeks now but I didn’t do it that much when my 4 kids were little!

  18. Very cute cut! I have got to make time to get mine cut and I think you’ve inspired me. Now where is that darned camera post?

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