But I didn’t know it was this bad.

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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I’d hate to see what being 100% blog addicted looks like. I suppose it means you do absolutely nothing else.

How addicted are you?

I always say that it’s a good thing when life takes over to the point that there is little time to blog about it. This means we are actually living more than we are writing about living. I do most of my blog reading in random spurts throughout the day. And I write most of my posts (obviously not all) later at night after the kids are in bed. I blog rather than watching t.v. or reading novels. I really need to read more.

In a couple of days we will be heading out of on vacation and therefore my blog will be a much quieter place. I will still be blogging every now and again as I will be at my parent’s house where I will have internet access however I plan for life to takeover to the point where I will not be blogging as frequently. It’s a good thing. I need to take a really good haiatus every several months from my internet addictions (I am totally off all message boards now which was my major internet addiction prior to becoming a blogger) to kick my priorities back into whack and to remind me that life is to be lived, not just to be written about. What kind of writing really comes of doing nothing but writing about living?

If you are like me, it can be very hard to maintain balance when it comes to the internet and the blogosphere in particular. Some days I successfully spend very little time online and am actually really happy when I have managed not to think about you all (no offense!). But some days I find that I ignore tasks that really need to be done or don’t do the special Mommy things that will be gone before I know it, like reading to my baby or getting down on the floor and playing with my boys all so that I can read blogs or write or upload pictures or whatever. Don’t get me wrong. The blogosphere is a perfectly good diversion and can be a really uplifting experience, reading the struggles and encouragements posted by other moms in particular. It’s a way for us to sharpen one another. It’s better than most shows on t.v. if you ask me and depending on what kind of blogs you read, there is a good chance that most of it is more wholesome and down to earth than anything that will ever be on t.v.

But even these good things need to be taken in small(er) doses and be snacks rather than main courses.

So I’m excited to be taking some real time off from blogging in the next few weeks. And I hope it will help me to recalibrate the balance of internet time that I give myself. It’s not that I am here at my desk all of the time but it is my default, my escape and sometimes it becomes less of a little escape and more of a vacation from reality… and I just don’t want that to be the norm for me. I want my big reality to be LIFE. Writing about life (and silliness) needs to step back into it’s rightful auxiliary place in life.

I appreciate all of you who regularly come around here. And I hope that my openness in sharing my struggle to attain and maintain a healthy balance in my personal schedule and priorities helps you to know that if you struggle there, you are not alone and that this struggle is not just the natural setting of the lazy loaf lady but of the hard working Mom who wants to balance “giving herself a break” with fulfilling the duties she has around the home and the joys of raising and truly being present with her children while they are yet young. It’s a hard balance to strike. I am working towards it though so if you are also, just know that you are not alone. You have a fellow struggler in me.

11 thoughts on “Well, I knew it was bad…

  1. What a fun little quiz :o)I took it myself and posted it on my blog.Nan, I just love coming to your blog daily and checking it out!

  2. Oh, you know, I thought about this a bit last night (52% of the time, since that is how addicted I am) and came to a couple conclusions, well not conclusions really, just random thoughts.I decided this blogging is a good thing. We are all SOOOO busy now, whether we are ‘career’ women or SAHMs and we don’t have the time to connect a whole lot with other women but in this forum, we can, no matter what time it is. I love having a glimpse at mothers who homeschool, that garden, that are crafty, that are writers…it gives me ideas for my own family and makes me feel that maybe I’m not doing such a bad job. This whole ‘fetish’ I have right now has opened my eyes to a the wonderful world of brilliant, articulate, hysterically funny and sassy ladies! Thanks y’all.

  3. I think blogging is a great outlet, and I so enjoy reading other blogs as well .. but I hear ya. I find myself taking a mental note when something blogable happens so I can blog it. So Sad!Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. Only 60%…although it could go higher. I don’t blog on more than one space right now…but I’m thinking about it! :-)Do you ever worry that the people behind the blogs you read think you’re a psycho stalker because you visit so often? I do…and I’m not.

  5. I took this and posted it on my blog, too. I thought mine would have been higher.I like what you said about wanting to experience life instead of write about it. For me, the blogosphere/internet has become a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family who live far away. But I have become increasingly aware that I have to “portion” myself so as not to neglect my family. Got to be the holy spirit talking.I got an e-mail forward about aprons from my Dad and thought of your contest.

  6. I’m a 78%, too. I think posting at multiple blogs (I realized I post at FIVE!) must push us higher. Have fun on vacation.I’ve realized that I’m blogging less, because I’m designing more. There just isn’t time for both.

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