I just wanted to pop in and say thank you to all of you who have continued to come around throughout my absence! It’s so nice to know that you all care and that my blog has not become a total graveyard despite my temporary desertion of it. I assure you, it is temporary but will last a little bit longer.

The first week of vacation was spent lazing about my parent’s home just spending time together with a couple of jaunts to spend time with friends and to visit the city. The second wonderful week was spent in the Redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center where my husband and I met 12 years ago while working on Summer staff there enjoying a week of family camp. We had a delightful time and even met old friends and acquaintances while there.

Next week will be spent driving up the California and Oregon coasts, heading inland in Washington and then heading across the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. We will be staying with friends and family some of the time and motels the other nights. Though it’s long, it will undoubtedly be beautiful and we look forward to the journey.

Quotes from parts of our trip:

Talking to my five year old about halfway through camp on the evening that we did two loads of laundry:
“Son, go get your shoes on.”
“I need socks though!”
“We don’t have any clean ones left. Go ahead and wear them without socks.”
(Without pausing for a nanosecond)
“No way! I’ll get foot fungus!”

My five year old sweetly brought an apricot in to his uncle and said, “Here Uncle Phil. I got you an apricot.”
“Oh thanks T!”
“I’ll go wash it for you.”
He disappeared for a moment and then returned with it and set it before his uncle on the table.
“Um… this has a bite out of it.”
“I tested it for you.”


My three year old who I refer to here as “Mr. 13 Shirts” has been very homesick for a certain stuffed animal that was left on his bed at home. Randomly throughout the trip he would suddenly become pensive and sigh and then say, “This reminds me of someone whose name is Woofy.” (Even if it just happens to be looking at a lake out of the window of the train or something. He just wants to share ever moment with his little buddy.” A couple of nights ago he about broke my heart with the quivering frown and silent homesick tears that he shed.

Pictures! Several of you have asked what kind of new camera I got. I don’t like to flaunt these things but I suppose I have no choice! We sprung for it and got a Nikon D80. It is a beautiful piece of equipment and it makes people like me look like fairly good photographers, which is quite funny. I have no more experience than a photography class in high school and my own imagination and an admiration for truly good photographers. Anyways, we were able to find an incredible deal on Ebay for the camera (brand new) along with a bunch of equipment to go with it. I’m talking about a significant discount from what you would pay in the store.

I have several pictures that have stories to go with them but I don’t have the time to tell all the stories so they might become individual blog posts themselves in the coming weeks. In case I forget, remind me to tell you about one of my more humiliating parenting moments happening in front of an art museum. It’s just rich. And because I’m too excited about the pictures I will probably make a whole post from our day in San Francisco… I might even make that tonight because I love the pictures so much!

In the mean time, here are a handful of goodies including flowers, kids, my first attempt at family portraits (where I set a timer and run like the dickens to get in the picture!)

6 thoughts on “Just a little bit longer…

  1. Thanks all!Pamela, yes it is a girl (my niece) in the center. :^D Oh and it would look gorgeous painted… pity I don’t know any painters… (((WINK WINK))) Hee hee!

  2. Aha! I just had to backtrack a little further to see when you bought your D80, and you got it through ebay, too! Please tell me which distributor you purchased from. I’m looking at a couple on there. Heck, if you even want to recommend a package, I’ll accept that, too. 🙂 I already have one of those big mama flashes for my Canon, which I’m told will work on a Nikon, too (apparently they all have the same hotshoe). Did you get a package with a macro lens? HELP!

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