I am afraid we have hit (a fairly major) glitch with our “new” (to us) car that my parents have given us. The title has not yet come in the mail and we absolutely HAVE to have it in order to export the vehicle. We have to fax it 72 hours in advance to the border. When my husband initially did the paperwork a day or so after we arrived here he believed that he might be able to use the certificate of registration that was issued as our proof of ownership but they absolutely require an original title. Please pray that God will work out the details for us! Please pray that the title would come through even today… There is a remote chance that we could actually drive through Sacramento and get it ourselves in person. This would be the best thing, in our small finite minds because then we could still leave today as planned. Otherwise, everything as far as our return trip is put off or completely altered (or canceled and re-routed) all together. :^(

I’ll try to keep you posted. If things move quickly and we are able to pick it up today I might not be able to jump back on the computer to let you know that all is well, so no news is good news. Thanks for your prayers.

6 thoughts on “PRAYERS NEEDED!!

  1. Nan–Definitely will be praying. I know about vehicle woes and God sees all of our needs. I can’t wait to hear of your blessing!Jenn

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