I can start having fun again. Phew! For those couple of days where I was rather uptight, just waiting for the mail to come and deliver our car title… so uptight that I almost stopped having fun altogether. Almost. But now that that’s off my mind I can go back to enjoying my vacation. I do this by making animations of people that I care about.

Picture Deleted

I think I’ll probably have to enter this in some sort of contest somewhere…

Picture Deleted

My Little Soldier

I don’t know why but my baby (he will always be my baby of course) does the most photogenic things the very minute I release him when he is done with his bath. Tonight his brothers dressed him up in real army gear before I could say lickitysplit. Well, they sort of dressed him up. Dress up that involved no real dressing.

Last night he immediately ran and climbed on the rocking horse in the family room. I don’t plan these things, I only run like the dickens to grab the camera and take a picture.

Pictures Deleted

Another way that I chose to entertain myself tonight was to, while in the middle of a very serious movie, suddenly grab a pair of bubba teeth, slipping them into place and giving my husband a come hither look, followed by a demur smile. I think it probably reminded him of why he married me… and he likely felt like the luckiest man on the planet. But I won’t torture you by showing those pictures… I have a zit that I’m terribly ashamed of. But, since you asked, begged, pleaded and demanded my life of if I don’t, I suppose I could be convinced to show you the goofy pictures which could conceivably be used for all sorts of blackmail of those most dear to me. Those dear ones, like my husband:

And my dashing and available young stallion of a brother. Hubba Bubba!:

Ahhh… I think I can finally sleep peacefully tonight, knowing that we have our title, we will hit the road soon and that I have taken these pictures and shared them with a small corner of the world. That gives a girl a sense of peace, don’t you know?

14 thoughts on “Now that that's off my mind…

  1. I’m a lurker…Those teeth look so, so real and so disgusting! Yuck! I might need a real picture of both men just to erase the mental one of the teeth–aaugh! 🙂

  2. The teeth pictures are a little scary…thank goodness you put up pictures of your little cutie post-bath to balance things out! Continue to enjoy your vacation!

  3. absolutely hilarious!!!! my favorite are the lil boy pictures..you absolutely have to enter those somewhere…

  4. Ha! Thanks for a great laugh. That seat on the rocking horse must have good padding!

  5. Glad to see you posting again. I just read the five or so. Funny stuff and I’m so jealous of your new camera!

  6. Your little boy’s pictures are adorable. And I hate to be the party pooper but you might want to be careful about posting things like that. There are yucky people out there who might think of them in a way that’s not so adorable. Just a thought. 🙂

  7. Hmmmm… You say something is different about your bro. He looks the same to me! LOL! I’m back online, baby!

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