I think those teeth pictures from last night may have scarred some of you for life so in order to leave a more palatable image of my husband and brother in your minds:

12 thoughts on “For those of you who were scarred for life…

  1. It’s hilarious how much the teeth changed their appearances!! What a difference! 🙂 Thanks, I can sleep at night now… without the nightmares. 🙂

  2. Great pics! I think you & your hubby are way cute together. I thought yesterday’s pics were great too – very funny!

  3. Hey Nan, I’ve really enjoyed the cute pictures from your trip and family. Any takers on Phil yet? These blog pictures may just change his life!Ha ha.Talk to you soon. We just got unlimited calling to Canada again…yippee!!

  4. Hey Nan! Glad you’re back on line. I hadn’t been here to visit to since last week, so I had to take a minute to catch up. I loved reading your stories as usual. Love the photos. Jealous of your camera!

  5. (ps to yesterday pix. why is it that a little naked guy on a rocker is cute… but not an old guy in a rocker… sigh)Yes. you and your man look meant for each other

  6. ummm i’ve been not so patiently waiting by my mailbox for your brother to arrive. did you put enough postage on him?

  7. From your previous posts, it appears that you are probably still traveling home, and probably haven’t been able to check anyone’s blogs, so I thought I’d tell ya the HUGE secret going on in Blogville this week. Rocks in My Dryer is hosting an enormous carnival of giveaways! Right now there are 418 blogs giving away prizes between now and Friday. You probably won’t have time to hit them all, but some have listed their items on the Mr. Linky. I am giving away an Apple Pie Ala’Mode Candle. Since you always have such amazing contests yourself, I didn’t want you to miss out on receiving some great stuff! Hope y’all had a safe trip home:)

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