I’m a contented lady. I am home. My children are in bed. I am looking forward to entering back into that state of being known as normal. It should be mundanely exciting. I can’t wait.

So many things to mention. First my bullet points:

  • Saw the Oregon Coast. Gorgeous.
  • Saw my first wild Grizzly bear. Make that two. In two different places. On two different days. Very cool. But I don’t have pictures to prove it and no one else in my whole family saw them so I sort of feel like nobody is going to believe me.
  • Saw mountain goats up close and personal.
  • Got locked in the stall of a public restroom at the summit of a mountain pass and had to escape Jack Bauer Style by climbing over the top. (much better than going under would have been. **shudder**) How exciting.
  • Actually experienced the desire to boil my head in a vat of hot lard due to rambunctious overly-tired travel weary children at a restaurant.
  • Had a fantastic time visiting with family in Washington on our way up.

We had a marvelous trip. From beginning to end. I will probably be telling you about it and sharing pictures for weeks to come. I have to do a few odes to various things like “Ode to Redwood Trees,” “Ode to the Rocky Mountains,” “Ode to the Pacific Ocean,” “Ode to flowers,” “Ode to wild animals,” “Ode to domesticated animals,” “Ode to waterfalls,” “Ode to close ups of all kinds,” “Ode to my adorable children,” “Ode to my sister’s adorable children,” “Ode to friends,” “Ode to fireworks,” “Ode to baby ducks,” and “Ode to Bubba teeth” among other odes. I guess you could say I have just a few odes up my sleeves.

I have to say I so enjoyed enhancing my photos with Picasa while at my mother’s house and I was quite crestfallen to find out tonight that there is not apparently as of yet an Apple version of Picasa which makes me want to throw a tantrum or sulk or purchase some decent photo editing software.

Now for a bit of randomness. Quotes are always plentiful when a family of six is trapped in a moving metal box together for 4 or 5 days straight. Today as we were making our way down the very last stretch of highway towards home, my five year old who is indeed very very good with directions and could probably find his way around our city while blindfolded said, “Hey Mom, are we drivng East?”
“Yes” I answered.
Triumphantly, “I KNEW IT! I was right! Mom, I have a map IN my brain. I have a map in my HEAD.” (I believe it. He tells me which way to turn to get to various places that we have been to even just once in the city.)
His older brother said, “His brain is powered completely by GPS.”
“You’re right, it is!” said map boy, “Actually, I AM a GPS.”
I then told him what GPS stood for in case he had forgotten and he replied, “Cool! I’m a satellite!”

And now I will leave you with a random smattering of pictures from this past week of adventuring.

All images copyright Nan @ Life is Like a Lunchbox and may not under any circumstances be used without express permission.

16 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!!I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time.I want……nay! need a camera with a macro on it….if I don’t get one soon, I think I shall die! 🙂

  2. Those are some gorgeous pictures! Welcome home, glad you had a fantastic vacation. BTW, I *heart* Jack Bauer too.

  3. So glad you are home safe and sound. I’m still bummed we didn’t get to meet. 😦 Looks like a fabulous trip though, love all the pictures. Guess we’ll just have to drive through Canada sometime so we can meet. Hugs to you all!

  4. I got locked in a bathroom stall once but couldn’t go over the top for some reason and had to go under. Shudder is the right word to use for that situation. Shudder, scrub down, dry heave, gag…

  5. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing vacation…your pictures are wonderful!I’m getting ready to go on vacation, but some people may think I’m crazy to go to Texas in August. However, my little grandson is there, so the heat will not deter me! 🙂

  6. SO Beautiful!!! I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful trip and made it home safely too. I also enjoy using Picasa.Talk to you soon! BTW, you made me laugh about needing 2 million dollars to buy land in Calgary. Texas is still so dang cheap…it just worked out for us. Not that we don’t have 2 million dollars or something…gees. Cause we totally do. Totally. Besides, the house is a bit of a force to be reckoned with…lots of projects if you know what I mean. Okay-I’ll call you soon!Love,Corrie

  7. Beautiful pictures! This is my first visit to your blog…I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

  8. I love your pictures. What kind of camera/lenses do you use?I’m glad you made it out of the bathroom okay.;) My knees locked while squatting to pee in a hole in the floor (bathroom) in Cameroon, Africa. It was dark too.

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