Remember a couple of months ago I blogged about the best new personalized homepage ever? Well, because of that blog post I was contacted personally via e-mail by one of the co-founders of the company with a thanks for my blog post. I was amongst a group of beta testers who got to play with the new version of Pageflakes, called Blizzard, before it went public. I had way too much fun with it.

I now have 7 Pageflakes “pagecasts.” And I’m thinking up more! I have one that just has stuff for me. I have one about photography, one about home brewing (I did that for my hubby), one about parenting, one about Reformed Theology, one devoted to girl bloggers (it’s not an exhaustive list by any means!) and one about recipe/food. All of mine are blogcentric but you can make your pages all about news, all about to-do lists and calendars, all about sports or movies or music… the possibilities are endless. I just love organizing my obsessions and internet haunts in one convenient, personalized place.

So now that the new and much better version is out I have to post about it again because it so totally rocks. You have to go check it out. Now. And this is all just me telling you about it because I want to. Pageflakes isn’t giving me kickbacks (‘cept for that cute shirt there… but that was more of a thank you gift.) :^D

What are your thoughts?

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