#1 I find it very funny that my toddler’s favorite thing to say is “why?” He’s not even two yet and he wants to know why about everything.

“Get down from that chair baby.”
“It’s time to go to bed baby.”
“Don’t wrap things around your neck baby.”
Even though I am raising my fourth child I never thought I’d have the ocassion to say, “Because I told you to, that’s why dude” to a child less than two years old.

If someone is doing something he doesn’t understand he simply looks at them and says, “Why?” Not “What doing?”

Too cute.

#2 I find it funny that because of one blog post in which I jokingly said, “I think I’m psychic” I routinely get hits from people who turn to Google with this all important question, “I think I’m psychic but how do I know?” or “Help! I think I might be psychic. How do I know?”

Sheesh… you’d think if you were psychic you would know ahead of time that you really were.

Thus ends this evenings randomness.

One thought on “Two things I find funny

  1. ROFL!!! Help! I think I’m psychic–too funny.My 2yo says he’s sorry as he gives me those puppy dog eyes that make your heart just want to melt…of course he does it after he hits his 4yo brother on the head for NO REASON!God Bless,Amber

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