8 thoughts on “One Hat + Three Cute kids = 1 Camera Happy Mom

  1. Cute pics. I read that you got a new camera but never heard what kind it was. So, what kind is it? What editing software are you using?

  2. Hi Dana,It’s a Nikon D80. Right now I’m just using iPhoto, which is not very versatile really. I am pining for Photoshop but alas I must wait and save. But I have at least found a place online where I can get a substantial educators discount because we homeschool!

  3. Very nice Nan. I use Canon but I know that many people love the Nikon. I love photoshop and you won’t be sorry that you spent a hunk of change on it. It is awesome.

  4. Nan, these are good! Even without Photoshop you’re getting great results. I especially like the last one of my oldest grandchild!Mom

  5. Nan, I’ve been thinking about getting the SLR but worry if I’ll carry it around (lug it, I mean). Size is why I don’t use my other fancy 35mm. (film-version) I have 2 boys, you have more. Do you regret having to take it everywhere due to size, lenses, etc.? ~R

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