Said in my trippiest, most gnarly surfer dude voice.

I took this picture the other day because I liked the pattern. Turns out it’s a fun little optical illusion. (click the image to enlarge it.)

#1 Can you guess what it is?

#2 Where am I standing in relation to it?

12 thoughts on “Cool… Righteous…

  1. Oh…I think I know what it is!Is the sole of a shoe? And you are holding your foot up to take a picture of it? Or maybe it’s someone else’s and you are below them or at another angle. I don’t know.That, or chocolate.

  2. It looks to me like of one of those ceilings with fancy moldings you see in old Victorian-era buildings.

  3. Kinda looks like a chain link fence…from the side…Then it kinda looks like tile…from the floor looking across…Then it kinda looks like I’m getting cross eyed trying to figure this out…LOL Can’t wait to hear what it is because as soon as you tell us it will of course pop out and I’ll go “oooohhh”. =)Retro Mom

  4. I have absolutely no idea, but am interested in finding out. ENlarging the picture just made it blurry- couldn’t see it well at all. Curiouser and curiouser!LB

  5. My first impression was that it was a macrame hammock … but after reading the earlier comments I just can’t decide!!

  6. i knew as soon as i enlarged it – chain link fence. you’re standing directly above it, but at an angle…right?

  7. Dude it has to be some sort of plastic! OK OK sorry double post, but I am still scratching my head over it! Can’t wait for the results!-Amanda-Kid Tricks

  8. I came in feet first so I already know the answer.Now.. if my eyes were in the back of my head I would have missed it and been able to guess.I would have guessed an alligator apron anyway.

  9. When I first started looking at it, I thought “chain link fence”. Then I looked closer and thought “maybe its a messed up chocolate bar”. Awesome shot!

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