Woofy is almost a family member here. As you might guess, he is of the canine variety. However, he is stuffed with fluff and beans rather than kibble. For each of our children we bought a stuffed animal who would welcome them to their crib when they slept in it for the first time.

Here is Woofy waiting for his master to arrive.

We had purchased Woofy on a day trip to Banff when I was pregnant with our third little one. Look how clean and loveable he looks. Not for long, my little fiber-filled friend.

Woofy eventually became the baby’s favorite stuffed toy. He loved to cuddle with him while sleeping in his crib. Woofy was always there to greet him. Before the little one could talk we called the doggy Kipper because he looks like the little dog from the books and the cartoon on Nick Jr.

Soon Woofy didn’t want to stay confined in the crib all day though. He wanted to be with his boy. Wherever he went. During the crawling phase it became standard Woofy-toting procedure for Woofy to be carried by his hind-quarters in the mouth of the boy. I can’t express to you how this affected Woofy’s aroma and his appearance.

As his boy grew and learned to walk Woofy became accusstomed to being toted around by the ear. He was involved in every single part of the day. Though he was never allowed at the table. Dogs, afterall, do not eat at the table. Woofy began looking thinner and more gray with each passing day.

I have thrown the little pooch into the washer and dryer many times. Oh what an uproar! How was the boy to sleep without his Woofy?

Woofy, now, is known as a stuffed animal only inasmuch as he was once created as such. For now he contains very little stuffing indeed. He is a skinny, floppy bag of beans and even those just settle in Woofy’s hind-quarters. You could hang Woofy on a line to dry and he would hang very happily there.

But Woofy is a low maintenance pooch. He doesn’t mind his declining appearance. He doesn’t mind that he is no longer much to look at. He couldn’t care less if he would be passed over at a garage sale as a disgusting piece of germ infested cloth. He is loved more dearly than any other stuffed critter in this house. The whole family respects Woofy and his importance in the life of his boy.

Woofy was left behind when we went on our vacation to California. Poor boy… just about everything reminded him of Woofy for the first several days. We assured him that Woofy was happily waiting on his bed for the day of our return. Grandma felt so bad for him that she bought him a replacement stuffed animal to keep him company. He loved on that little thing and slept with it and carried it everywhere but it didn’t fill the hole. One night a few days before leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the boy’s lip turned down and quivered. I asked what was wrong and he choked on his words.

“You miss Woofy?”
**full on bawling ensues**
“Awww…. Woofy is your special friend isn’t he?”
“You’ll see him soon.”

I gave him a hug and he soon fell fast asleep.

When we arrived home the boy quickly ran up to his bed and grabbed his favorite pooch. That replacement that Grandma bought is still welcomed into the bed but Woofy still and ever will as long as his childhood endures, remain the top dog for his little boy.

13 thoughts on “Wonderfully Woveable Woofy

  1. That is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. My daughter has “Lambie”, the little fiberfilled member of our family.

  2. That is the cutest darn story ever! I LOVE the picture of your sleeping son with his little chubby arm around Woofy.

  3. Aaaah shucks…that is just darling! Each of our kids have a special bear that they sleep with and they too have been loved on so much. I think it is just precious!

  4. we have a woofy too… but he’s my oldests puppy dog… he’s not so attached but sleeps with him.Cory my 11 month old has a turtle.. he is obsessed with this turtle.

  5. Ha ha, too cute!I used to babysit a little boy who had a stuffed squirrel. He would not let go of that squirrel, no way. He clutched it and sucked on it like a pacifier everywhere he went and it was completely soggy and uh…fragrant.Sweet li’l guy, I waited until he was asleep one night and gently took it from his arms and washed that thing before putting it back. That was over a dozen years ago. I hope he’s not still sucking on that soggy old squirrel!

  6. Such a sweet story, the pix (oh the pix!)! I absolutely adored seeing the ‘baby’ grow into the little boy who still loves his ‘Woofy’. What a great memory!

  7. We have a simailar animal in our house. He has seen more love than I ever imagined possible. Funny what they pick to cling on to.

  8. Awww! My youngest dd sleeps w/a wide assortment of Pluffies–she has her own Woofy, two cows, two frogs, a duck, a lion, a monkey, a hippo and a horse. And two others that I can’t think of….

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