You just know that I think you’re cute
when you run around in your birthday suit.

I know what it means, you realize
when you get that twinkle in your eyes.

Somehow you know I come undone
when you wake up chattering and laughing with the sun.

Deep down I’m sure you’re aware that you’re my last
when you give me that look as you waddle past.

I’m pretty sure you’re well aware
of how I’ll laugh when you put food in your hair.

You can read my mind from way down there
as you run by in your brother’s underwear.

You routinely undo me with your pouty lip
as I cuddle you and carry you on my hip.

You know so much, though you’re so small,
Nothing gets past you. Nothing at all.

Maybe you know my world was once a whirl
because I so wanted just one little girl.

But do you know this my blessed one?
I’m so thankful God sent you, just one last son.

copyright Nan @ Life is Like a Lunchbox 2007

19 thoughts on “Baby You Know It

  1. Oh! That poem is gorgeous! Makes me think of my sweet little guy. Third boy in a row, but probably not our last. We’re still debating that subject. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it easier to savor that third one? I have three girls (all done, too) and the third one is “the baby” even though she’s now 3 1/2. Great and poignant poem, Nan.

  3. I loved your poem. I too am a mom to 4 boys and I can totally relate! Although we are still praying about having more children, I can see us with our four wonderful boys! Thank you for sharing.Emily

  4. I love your poem. It is sooooo precious. As a mom of 5 boys, I especially understand the line “Maybe you know my world was once a whirlbecause I so wanted just one little girl. But do you know this my blessed one?I’m so thankful God sent you, just one last son.”As much as I wanted a girl, i wouldn’t give anything in this world for any one of my boys.

  5. THAT is so cute!! And I love the pixs of your son!! Wow! What a blessing to have a mom who write her joy and love, for him to read in later years!

  6. Precious boy. Precious pictures. I’m so hopelessly behind on blogging – what kind of camera did you get? Great shots!

  7. Very cute…but what’s that at the end about one LAST son?I haven’t been a “lurker” here, long, but you seem to young to be “done” having kids. I pray that you don’t have a medical condition that will not allow you to have more kids.God can not be outdone in generosity!-a mom of 4 who is open to more…

  8. Anon. Isn’t it wonderful that we are all different?”Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his path.”We can make our own plans — and we are allowed to — and God is able to do whatever he pleases anyways. :^D

  9. Aww, Nan! That pulled at my heart strings. As you know, Sam is my last. At least, we think he is. 😉 As you said, we make our own plans, but God does whatever he pleases anyway! Miss you!Angel

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