Need I say more?

Feel free to nab that button up there and spread the word on your blog! (Or you can copy the smaller one below for your sidebar.) If you or someone you know is a “soaper” and wants to be involved, drop me an e-mail in the next week and I’ll get you (or them) in the queue.

14 thoughts on “Get Ready Y'all!

  1. Ooooohhhhhh, yay!I didn’t win anything in the apronpalooza, and was quite disappointed. It will be fun to try again.You have Amy @ the Foil Hat on your list, right? Her soaps are yummy good. It will be fun to visit some other soap sites.Rest tonight,LB

  2. You are a very brave and ambitious lady. That apronpalooza (sp) was a work out, but you are a glutton for punishment girlie…hehehe

  3. OH, count me in. I put the flower on my computer. It is so pretty. Thank you for your permission. stop by some time i will be adding you to my side bar your already in my favs.Sarah

  4. I’m not a soap maker… but I am a soap smeller :o)… I love to smell soap. I could just stand in the stores smelling soaps forever. My kids get so annoyed by this. I’ll be back for this.

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