So. Tired.

This is why I cannot think of anything to write today. I simply need a nap. Two 2 o’ clock in the morning night’s will do that to a girl doncha know? Yup, it’s my dreaded insomnia rearing its ugly head again.

I wish I had something worthwhile or funny to talk about. What’s going on in my head is either to philosophical or theological for me to eloquently put down right now or too blathering and pointless to even bore you with. I will however bore you with a couple more pictures since you were so good to show up here today assuming I’d be my bright and perky self!

Just playing again.

I love Roses. Don’t you? What’s your favorite flower? My favorite flower is actually Freesia but I haven’t come across any recently.

If you need me, I’ll be in my room snoring. Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Stired.

  1. Very nice photos! I too love the rose. I also love hydrangas (sp?), peonies, camelias, lilacs. OK, so I love flowers! 🙂

  2. Dear, dear, Nan,I’m sorry that you are having a sleep issue…it’s the toughest of challenges. Here’s hoping that I can brighten your next online experience….I FINALLY got the Major Award button on my sidebar. Wa HOO!! Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. You are a sweet person who deserves some sleep.

  3. Oh I love your rose flower pictures. Did you get a macro lens as well? I don’t have one yet and I can’t get my pictures to look quite that good yet. Oh well guess I will just have to save up a bit more money for that macro.

  4. I have a ligularia in my flower garden – that sits in a shady place. It doesn’t like direct sunlight – and it doesn’t seem to grow from the seeds that drop. The plant would prefer a quiet green forest setting – but I baby it and praise it. It blooms mid summer – and then I let the stalks go to seed because I can’t bear to cut them away.Every year I am excited when it first peaks up through the ground for another fight to survive the hot summers here.It’s my favorite.

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