Check out this company. Can someone please make me a kid again, adopt me and buy me all of this? (not that I really think I needed any of this as a child…. but goodness…. how I would have loved it!)

Barn Dandys


I’m in love.

6 thoughts on “I'm in love.

  1. Okay, but did you notice the price? I love them (Lord help me but I do) but I would have to sell one of my children to afford it. What say you?

  2. Oh, Nan! I just bought Sam a teepee at Target; clearanced for $6! Of course, it’s not as *pretty* as these (it’s nylon) but hey, it’s just as fun! 😀

  3. Yeah… not exactly the stuff that a truly fulfilling childhood must be made of, that’s for sure! I did have one (a fulfilling childhood) and I can promise you it was much more affordable than these items. Give me a good climbing tree, a hose and some dirt with which to make a good mud hole and there ya go!No, I can’t support the price of any of this. It’s actually outlandish (gosh I love that word, outlandish.) Sort of reminds me of Martha Stewart – “And you can do all of this for only a fraction of what I make every year!” Gee thanks….Still cute though! :^DMOH, man do I miss Target!! Yur killin’ meee!

  4. oh, so cute. I wish I could justify $46 dollars for a TV table (my coffee table didn’t even cost me that much….)

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