My Mom told me about the Costco “Give Us Your Best Shot” photo contest… She thinks I ought to enter. Well, I don’t think I have even a remote chance of winning because I’m sure there will be pretty stiff competition but hey, I’m willing to risk it for a $2,500 gift card at Costco!

So if I were to enter, which picture do you think I should pick? (click images to enlarge)

These images are the sole property of Nan@Life is Like a Lunchbox.

50 thoughts on “Need opinions…

  1. Well, they are all really good! If you are looking for ones that seem more in the moment and less staged, for me, the 3rd and 4th ones would be my choices. But they are all beautiful. melissa(and a big Phooey– we are on vacation next week for your soap a looza thingie. Not that I stand a chance but I hate missing out. The last one was fun!)

  2. I LOVE the one with the water sprinkler – it is so candid and cute.But – the one I really like is of the 3 kids sitting on the bridge….the photo is superb and very ethereal. (however, a little set-up looking).

  3. Tough call between the sprinkler and the fishing pictures. I love them both. But, the more I look at them the more I like the sprinkler. Yes, definitely the sprinkler!Good luck!

  4. The middle one with the toddler in the sprinkler. Hands down. But the others are good too. If I had to pick a second choice, it would be the three children on the bridge.A WTMboard poster

  5. So cute-I love the one of the kids fishing-so cute. But the one of your son? in the sprinker is such a great action shot!! Good luck!

  6. The sprinkler pic is my favorite…what a wonderful candid moment. If that was my child I would have that framed on my wall! =)The one of them fishing is a beautiful shot too. It looks professional.So I guess it depends on what kind of look the Costco contest is looking for. Good luck to you!Retro Mom

  7. Great shots! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I actually thought the “GG” finale was pretty good, considering it was a somewhat lackluster season. I too will miss it! One of the best shows on TV to be sure. Do you find yourself craving it especially during autumn? Star’s Hollow always had such lovely autumns 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, Nan! I could never pick! I love them all! I will say that that the sprinkler one caught my heart though, so maybe that one? I’m going to link my mom to your blog; she loves photography, I’ll have her throw her vote in.BTW, come check out my blog post for today, I have something for you!

  9. You have to pick just ONE?!! I think the sprinkler pix will be the one to win … but they are ALL wayyyyy cute. :o)

  10. Thank you everyone!! From all of your votes it wasn’t hard to decide which one to pick! you all rock!The sprinkler one it is. I really don’t think I’ve got a chance but I’ll certainly keep y’all posted!

  11. Nan, I see I am too late to get my vote in , but I must say you chose right. I liked the sprinkler one also. It is the most natural and unstaged. Of course I’m not sure what the theme of the contest is, if there is one, but I really feel that photo has the most artistic content. Good job on all of them though! I always say ,my photos are only as good as my subject. Good luck! It will be interesting to find out what happens! Angel’s MOM

  12. I love the sprinkler shot. You are such an awesome photographer. If you don’t mind,what camera/lens are you using? I just got my first digital slr and am trying to move beyond the automatic settings. Thanks and good luck to you!

  13. Thanks for your kind compliments everyone! Slice of sanity, it’s a Nikon D80. I was using a Nikkor 70-300 lens (not a digital lens).I’m pretty sure I had it set on the action setting that afternoon. I do like to set it on manual and run the show, but I do an awful lot of fumbling around when I do that still! So many buttons and knobs. I still have a lot to learn!

  14. I have the Nikon D50 and use a prime 35mm digital lens and also a 18-200 digital (both Nikkor). I think I just need to play with it more and branch out of the auto setting. I went through all your “My Pictures” tagged posts and really, your photos are incredible. I love the Golden Gate photos. Have you taken any photog courses? Do you recommend anything other than the manual and playing around with the camera? Also, what photo-editing software do you recommend? I’ve been using Picasa and don’t have any experience with anything else. But even on Picasa, I’ve only been doing the basics (crop, red-eye, etc…). Anyhow, great photos! I’m in the process of trying to set up a blog, so once I do, I’ll drop you a line so you can check out some of my not-nearly-as-talented photos. :)Cheers!

  15. Slice of sanity, you are so kind. :^) Thanks. When I first got the camera (last month… would you believe I’ve taken well over 1,000 pictures since getting it just a month ago?!) I used Picasa because I was at my Mom’s house for a couple of weeks, using her computer and she had Picasa. I really liked it! Play with the sharpen/soften features and the various effects. I had a ton of fun with that. I loved how easy it was to undo everything.My ideal is Photoshop and I do plan on getting the full deal but for now I am using my little 30 day trial of Apple’s Aperture. It’s okay. I’m not overly thrilled with it though.I did take one photography class in high school. I spent most of the time flirting with boys and taking really bad pictures as opposed to learning anything though… okay, I guess I learned how to work in a dark room, how to process a roll of film and a little bit about aperture and other photography terms. Nothing that really and truly stuck though. I just like taking pictures.I plan on taking a photography class with a friend in January. I’m really looking forward to it. There is so much to learn!

  16. The sprinkler one is the best, in terms of skill with the camera — excellent light on the water, it’s so clear and perfect, and very unstaged. I like the duck one best though! Contemplating that duck with that silly fluffy hat on its head — very adorable.

  17. Hey Nan, These are all great. I wasn’t present when we all raised our hands to vote, but I would have voted for the sprinkler too. Just because there would have been absolutely NO way to plan that one out. These are such cool pictures!!

  18. My favorite is the one with the three kids together. But I think the the baby in the water is a definite winner.

  19. They’re all good, but the first three are my favorites. I narrowed it down to three, did that help? 😉 Hmm, the one I could gaze at the longest is #2.

  20. Oh I hhave been meaning to come back at tell you my fav. Been super buzy. I love the one with the sprinkler the best the water drops are very vivid. Have a wonderful day.

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