It being better, that is. And neither is my man. Last night we lay awake listening to the rattlesnake that apparently has made a home in my man’s lungs. Methinks that bronchitis is turning to pneumonia. So off he went to the doctor today, where they ordered him to go and get a chest x-ray. Hopefully they get him onto a stronger antibiotic (he’s been on one for a week with no results) that kicks this puppy to kingdom come.

So he’s been running hither thither and yon all day trying to get better. I on the other hand have just sat here at this computer staring blankly into cyberspace because I have the energy to do nothing else. The kids have gone in spurts of playing, reading, fighting, watching t.v., begging for food and sleeping.

On my bumbling journey through cyberspace I stopped over at one of my favorite chic mommy designer type blogs, Design Mom, and discovered that she is hosting one of her fabulous giveaways. This is a crazy giveaway. Check it out. Hey, I can be sick and sedentary all day and still get excited about free stuff right?

We were going to start school this week but the yark factor has pushed it back until next Monday. So think of me amidst the soap frenzy next week… we’ll be one busy bunch. Hopefully we are back to full throttle by then.

And now I think it’s time for some tea.

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