If you want someone to thank for inspiring me to do this week of giveaways you would have to go here and meet Amy, the woman behind The Foil Hat, Inc., home of some of the yummiest ever soaps, scrubs and lotions.

I will tell you the truth, out of all of the soaps that I am going to tell you about this week, Amy’s are the only ones that I have actually experienced. I am currently culturing an obssession for homemade soaps which I feel will likely soon remedy that situation. I hope to try them all! But in Amy’s case, I can tell you from personal experience that this soap is not only divine… it’s made by a truly sweet individual with a heart of gold.

I know Amy from a homeschooling message board that we both frequent. Last year in December and January I was plagued with about 6 weeks of severe headaches and other stress related symptoms. At the time I wasn’t sure what the cause was so I naturally assumed that I had a brain tumor and was likely going to die an untimely and unfortunate death. (Please tell me I’m not the only woman to think like this?!)

I shared with my friends on the message board some of the symptoms I was having and how horrible I felt. Amy e-mailed me and insisted on getting my address so she could send me a little pick me up. That just made my day. One of my “imaginary friends” was going to send me mail. When she told me what she was planning I figured she’d send me a bar of soap or two. I was so excited. How blown away do you think I was when I received a large box with a basket FULL of soaps, lotions, and sugar scrubs?

Not only did she send me a bunch of goodies. But she included stuff for my husband and for the kids! I cried with joy at her kindness.

And I loved ALL of it! My absolute most favorite was the CHOCOLATE bar of soap. ***heaven*** ***bliss*** It smelled wonderful! My second favorite was the peppermint scented shea butter lotion. It turned my feet which I’m normally quite ashamed of into wonderfully supple things that could be once again brought out in public! My husband loved the more masculine smelling soaps that she included for him. And the children are still enjoying the fun “soap rocks” that she sent them. She sent this in January and I still have some of the soap rocks left, so you can see that they last a long time.

What are your thoughts?

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