One thing I have really loved about hosting all of these soap giveaways is seeing how the businesses that these ladies run are truly their passions. It very much reflects her character when a woman works with her hands to prepare something good, that she might help provide for her family and in so doing enjoy that feeling — that sense of fulfillment — that only the expression of one’s personal passion can provide.

Mmm. Luscious Lime!

When I read what Pam at Stoneheart Farm has to say about why she makes soap and how she feels when she plies her craft on her About Us page it was easy to gather that making soap was not just a hobby, not just a thing she does to bring in money, but something more… something that keeps her grounded. At Stoneheart Farm you will not only find splendid handmade bar soap, but bath salts, body balm, creams, lip lubes, lotions and body butters among other things.

Another thing that I have really enjoyed about finding all of these soapers is that all of their soaps reflect their personal tastes which makes for such a wide variety of options for all of us soap connoisseurs! Stoneheart Farm bears this out. I am very decidedly drawn to her pumpkin cream pie goat milk soap. My man lives and breathes pumpkin pie. I think he might want to just eat me up if I washed in this! The only thing missing would be the whipped cream… unless the goat milk would count for that. (He just read this and the words couldn’t help but burble out of his mouth, “Gosh. Now I want pumpkin pie.”)

The other “flavor” I am most wont to “run out and buy” would have to be the Morocco for men coconut milk soap. It certainly sounds like something I’d like to have around the house! I also have an affinity for mango so I would have to sample the mango passion fruit body butter as well.


To enter this contest you really must go and visit Stoneheart Farm and then come back here and post which products you most want to try. This contest is open until Friday, August 31st at 11:59 p.m. A winner will be chosen by way of random selection using a random number generator and will be announced early next week!

Also, though I do not require you to post anything on your own blog about my contest in order to win, I do these contests in order to draw attention to small business owners on the web so I would love it if you would spread the word so that these hard working women can get as much advertising as possible. Big name companies have t.v. and magazines and billboards. Small businesses have the blogosphere. Let’s make it work for them! Feel free to nab a button here

79 thoughts on “CONTEST #4: Stoneheart Farm

  1. Nina’s Lilacs Coconut Milk Soap (missing my mom’s summer lilacs!) or Lavender, my all time fav! Love your site…. great resources for a beginning homeschooling mom!

  2. Whipped Shea Butter….it sounds so wonderfully decadent! The Luscious Lime Coconut Milk Soap sounds wonderful too.

  3. The Studded Lavender soap sounds awesome! But so does the European Slat Bar – wow! And to round off my whimsical hopes: Whipped Shea Butter. Now..if I win…send me any of the above…and I’ll be thrilled!

  4. The Lime Coconut sounds interesting, but I’m in such a lavender rut–the studded lavender looks great.

  5. The bubble bombs sound like they would have been a lot of fun, but since they are no longer available I would like to try the Nina’s Lilacs Coconut Milk Soap. It looks so pretty.

  6. For soaps, I would choose the bay rum coconut milk or the luscious lime coconut milk soap. There are some other great-sounding products as well.michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

  7. Nina’s Lilacs Coconut Milk Soap and Treasure Mint Goat Milk Soap sound wonderful.I love lilacs, and miss them since they don’t grow down here.

  8. Treasure Mint goatmilk soap for sure, and probably a Lip Lube as well–the Bee Mine one more than likely. Carol in Cal.

  9. I am thinking Mango Body Butter, Bath Salts, Body Balm…so much to choose from!kpuleski [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. My favorite products are Mango Body Butter, Vanilla Whip Yum!, Classic Facial Toner, and Luscious Lime Coconut Milk Soap.

  11. The lucious lime coconut soap sounds great. And because I spent the entire weekend in the sun the lip lube sounds great for my dry lips!

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