Hmmm… are you tired of ogling handcrafted soaps yet?

I didn’t think so. :^D I’m not. I now have the pleasure to direct you to the very tender hearted Amber of Amber’s Soap Scentsations. Amber, like Amy at The Foil Hat, is also a fellow homeschooler. These homeschoolers… I tell ya… just good squeaky clean folks! ;^P But seriously, I have a special place in my heart for homeschooling “momtrepreneurs.” Not only do they do the not always easy all day work of being both mom and teacher to their children, but they are working to help provide for their families and they are doing something they love. It’s an incredible combination of pleasure and productivity that I think many women probably envy.

Amber works hard to make both nourishing and pleasing soaps by using natural, skin loving ingredients.

All Amber’s Soap Scentsation “soap is handcrafted cold process soap – not the kind you find in craft stores and the bars are reported to last longer than store bought bars. The soap is a primarily olive oil based soap which is called an American Castile.” The combination of oils a soapmaker uses in her soap brings different properties to the bar so it is a fun, challenging and satisfying process to produce a recipe that she and her customers will love. “Each bar is hand cut, made with all natural skin-nourishing ingredients and then cured for at least a month.”

Amber, like other soapers, has her own collection of unique and irresistable scents for us to choose from. I for one don’t think I can go another day without having a bar of chocolate mint OR spiced chai tea soap. My favorite caffienated beverage ever is a Mocha Chai from a coffee house in downtown Santa Cruz, California. I think if I wash with a chocolate bar and a chai bar at the same time, I might achieve the aroma I am going for!

And strangely enough I really, really want to try her Cherry (like a lifesaver) soap. Now, I am not a fan of cherry candy with regards to flavor but I always like the smell of it. (I know, I’m weird.) So I can imagine loving this soap. Her sugar scrub is packaged so nicely and I am really intrigued by the suggestion of warming some up in the microwave prior to use.

Keep an eye on Amber’s site for a lot of changes in the coming months! I’m super excited about what she has coming out around Christmas time. This Christmas Amber will have soap kits available for kids that include an educational booklet on the history and chemistry of soap and experiments to understand how soap works. How cool is that?! I am considering this as a gift for my older two boys. The kit will include a soap craft where they can handmill their own soap, then chose herbs, fragrances and natural colorants and molds to produce their own bars of handmilled, handcrafted soap. Amber always comes out with a special line of Christmas soaps which are always a big hit so make sure you keep Amber in mind for stocking stuffers and gifts!


To enter this contest you really must go and visit Amber’s Soap Scentsations and come back here and post which soap(s) you most want to try. This contest is open until Friday, August 31st at 11:59 p.m. A winner will be chosen by way of random selection using a random number generator and will be announced early next week!

Also, though I do not require you to post anything on your own blog about my contest in order to win, I do these contests in order to draw attention to small business owners on the web so I would love it if you would spread the word so that these hard working women can get as much advertising as possible. Big name companies have t.v. and magazines and billboards. Small businesses have the blogosphere. Let’s make it work for them! Feel free to nab a button here to put in a post or in your sidebar this week!

81 thoughts on “CONTEST #5 Amber's Soap Scentsations

  1. Nan, do you know how this thrills me to see my very own friend Amber being featured like this?! And would you believe I have been taking soap orders for her this week, so I have a basket in my bedroom with ALL OF HER SOAPS IN IT! Having smelled them in person, I chose Lemongrass Patchouli, Pink Grapefruit, and Green Clover & Aloe. The Cherry smells quite yummy, but I was afraid Lily would try to eat it!

  2. Ok…now I’m stuck. I’d love Spiced Chai Tea – love the idea of the ‘smokey undertones’…But I’ve also suddenly fallen in love with anything Patchouli – so sign me up! And of course the Bulgerian Lavendar will round out my wims! But..if I was doing it for my 16yr. excema ridden daughter – I’d go for the soap tha said it was good for just that, but whose name I can’t spell!

  3. I would pick chocolate mint or spiced chai. I would probably get hungry though every time I washed up!

  4. The Chocolate Mint and Spiced Chai sound wonderful but since I am on a diet, I would probably go with vanilla bean and the eucalyptus/spearmint soaps.

  5. Well, this one was easy. Calendula soap, and peppermint lip balm. Too bad I don’t live close by enough to get a basket to sell from. Carol in Cal.

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