I think this might only happen in a houseful of Star Wars crazed boybarians… where there just so happens to be a travel neck pillow lying about.

You can only laugh when your “baby” comes up to you, looking like this:

and says, “I Kee A-dala.”
(You may not “get” this if you are not a Star Wars person.)

Yesterday I started reading Gulliver’s Travels to my three older boys. They liked it so much they made me read six chapters without stopping. We were most entertained by the (correction from earlier) *emperor’s grandfather’s* law which decreed that everyone must cut their eggs open at the small end or face severe punishment, thus instigating a revolution of the “big enders” who refused to cut their eggs any way other than at the big end. We also all held our right foot in our left hand, placed our middle finger of our right hand atop our head while touching the top of our right ear with our thumb and swearing allegiance to Emperor Golbasto Momaren Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue.

When my voice could go no longer, we put down the book and played Gulliver & The Lilliputians. Everyone had to have a turn at being Gulliver.

The bobble headed Burger King played Emperor Golbasto Momaren Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue.

**Don’t worry… it’s back to soap giveaways this evening!**

17 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. Oh Nan,I don’t care if your a Star Wars fan or not those pictures are a hoot. Gotta love it when the kids meal toys are actually put to use tying the kids down. Loved the pictures.Cindy

  2. Aheahheahhahehaahehahehehahehaheehaheaehahea. Ohhh… aheahehaehaehahhea, He looks like her. I totally get it. Clever boy. And how cute are your little Gullivers?

  3. not a star wars fan myself, but I LOVE the picture and the I Kee A-dala!!and how fun are you to not only read 6 chapters in one sitting, but to act it out with the kids too!?!? love it!

  4. How adorable!I love it!!!My kiddos used to make me read to them for hours and hours. I would do the voices and everything. Great memories.

  5. cute lil alien.he really looks most like princess leah and her funny lil bun hairs.Yes… tie down the Burger King. He freaks me out. really.

  6. What a fun, fun school day you had. How did you ever manage to read for six chapters. I have tried and tried, but can’t seem to read past 30 minutes–then someone else has to take over for awhile. You are so blessed to have children that enjoy being read to. They will always remember these times.

  7. Looka like you had a good time. At least he did not look like Jarjar. We also are a big Star Wars home but we also get in to the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.

  8. Looks like they had a good time. So fun. We do Star Wars and LOTR, often my biggest boy is Legolas, complete with weapons – he wants to grow his hair long and dye it so he can do the braids.

  9. My, my. What a hilarious post! I love the first two pictures.The Burger King king scares me and I’m 22.

  10. That is too cute! Now you got me wanting to read Gulliver’s Travels…never have…will have to check it out!

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